10 Best Free Apps That Are Must Have For Your Android!

Free Apps

Now that you have a gleaming Android in your hand, Here are ten apps that will load your phone and make it a machine of the future. We give you the best Free Apps for you Android so that you enjoy the experience to the fullest!

10. AVG Antivirus

Need we say more? Yes, Of course you need and antivirus in the phone for all the reasons that you know of!

Free Apps
AVG Antivirus

9. Aviary Photo Editor

It is free for the basic features and you can pay for the additional ones that you want. The point is that it can make any photo look good!

Free Apps
Aviary Photo Editor

8. Go BackUp

This one App can save you a bad day. It saves all the data on your phone in just one location. Simple and easy to move and transfer to a new phone, this app rates high on efficiency!

Free Apps
Go BackUp

7. Opera Mini

One of the fastest browsers for an android phone, this browser is just what your phone needs. Quick and easy forget the phone hangs and stuck screens with this one!

Free Apps
Opera Mini

6. ROM Toolbox

This can change the look of your phone. So you can now make your phone emulate a jet or a flower by changing the themes, fonts, colours and icons. Try this once, we bet you will love it!

Free Apps
Rom ToolBox

5. Battery Defender

Make your phone battery stay awake till you are awake. Watch videos, play games and use all apps with this battery saver that will do every bit to save your battery!

Free Apps
Battery Defender

4. Music Paradise

An app thats lets you download music even when you are listening to the music. Just type what you are looking for and begin the download!

Free Apps
Music Paradise

3. Khan Academy

The company has been in business for over a decade but the app is new. Looking for assignment sheets and academic material? You will find everything right here!

Free Apps
Khan Academy

2. Audible for Android

If you do not have the time to read, you can surely take time to hear out almost 15000 books online. This app can read aloud to you after you have searched the book you have been looking for!

Free Apps
Audible For Android


Rated as the best music player for Android, add effects to the music, trim and save and listen to music with the special effects that you like. What more do you want?

Free Apps
Power Amp

If you still do not believe in Android, you need the attack of the star wars for sure! 

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