10 Biggest Indian Headlines of 2015!!! Did You Know ??

    Indian Headlines

    With the year about to end, we give you a refresher on the biggest events that kept the country shaking rocking this year? How many of the biggest Indian headlines did you follow?

    10.Dadri Lynching

    Came the Beef Ban and came the trouble. Killed over a doubt this incident rattled the country!

    Indian Headlines
    Dadri Lynching
    09.The Fair and the lovely

    With Aishwarya Rai endorsing the Jewelery designs, the ad rubbed the moral police the wrong way and the “Gora Kala” was questioned again!

    Indian Headlines
    Fair and Lovely
    08. Maggi We love You

    Away went Maggi and away went the yellow packet of joy and long midnight conversations!

    Indian Headlines
    07.Award Wapasi

    In came Gajendra Chauhan, as the Chairman of the FTII, and out went the awards that had been awarded to fraternity!

    Indian headlines
    Award Wapisi
    06. MSG- Kill Me Please!

    This movie was released in February and we bet some are still in shock! What the DUHHHH! This was a national scandal!

    Indian Headlines
    Why did this happen
    05. Losing the Leader

    We lost the man of humility, of intelligence, of awareness! A patriot and a soul in the heaven, RIP A.P.J. Kalam!

    Indian headlines
    Rest In Peace
    04. Badminton it is..

    Saina Nehwal ranked Number 1 in the Badminton league !

    Indian Headlines
    Saina Nehwal
    03. Tolerant about Intolerance

    Aamir khan was just one of the names this controversy marred with it. Sigh!

    Indian headlines
    Did You Say That?
    02. Sehwag said Bye Bye

    Test and One day both would never see Sehwag again. In fact international cricket misses him already!

    Indian headlines
     01. Welcome back

    Chotta Rajan, was caught and deported back to India. Now that we have him, hope is fate is decided next year!

    Indian headlines
    Chota Rajan

    While we eagerly wait to see what good can happen next year, have a blast while the year ends!

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