10 Delightful Theme Based Restaurants in Bangalore

For the foodies in and around Bangalore, or if you are planning to go there, or if you have friend who stays over there, well.. enjoy the choicest of the the choices!

The Fisherman's Wharf

Dining with the Incas, eh?! Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Well, these theme based restaurants in Bangalore are the latest in-things in town, and they are in fact jewels in their own way! With the innovative architecture, designs and of course the lip smacking good food, it would actually give you a wondrous experience. We picked the ones from Kolkata in the earlier part, here’s the second part of it, covering the theme based Restaurants across the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore.

1. Village – Soul of India, Sarjapur Road

Village - theme based restaurants in bangalore

Ambience, ambience and ambience! If that’s one criterion for judging this restaurant, it would emerge as top notch. It feels like you are going down on a memory lane. The basic set up is that of a typical village in India, with a school and a theatre round the corner, a havelli, theka and a beauty parlor designed as various rooms for eat ins. It’s like a massive food bazaar with the adequate amount of every little detail to make you happy person. You can stay in a jail, play dandiya and even have cart-side chats.

Food Verdict: Excellent. Menu items are easy to order and lip smacking.

Zomato Rating: 4.0 Average Cost for Two: 249/- each (Lunch buffet) – 499/- each (dinner buffet) Serves: Only buffet. NonVegetarian/Vegetarian (separately)

Location: Sarjapur Road › 1st Floor, Total Mall. Ph.- 080 41678382

2. The Black Pearl, Koramangala

The Black Pearl - theme based restaurants in bangalore

The people at The Black Pearl like to call themselves the pirates and they also state in record at every guests on their pirate ship are equally valuable and they will go that extra mile, to give you that extra bit of sea farer’s pleasure, as long as you are onboard.

So, no prizes for guessing the décor and the taste of this restaurant! They serve you roasted pineapples other than a whole lot of good food and wondrous desserts. So it’s a go!

Careful mate! There’s a pirate with a sword standing behind you!

Food Verdict: Awwwesome!! Kebabs and Tangris are a must try.  

Zomato Rating: 3.9. Average Cost for Two: 499/-(basic veg/non-veg) to 2500 (unlimited food and imported drinks)/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian/ Vegetarian.

Location: Koramangala › 105, 1st A Cross Road, Jyothi Nivas College Road, 5th Block. Ph.-080 49653181

3. Gufha – The President Hotel, Jayanagar

Gufha- The President hotel - theme based restaurants in bangalore

This one’s not for the faint hearted. Located at the busiest stretch of Jayanagar, the moment you come out of the elevator, the place will immediately transport you to the land of the mystic caves. The walls and the exteriors boast of impeccable designs of a cave ambience. Low ceiling, fake cobwebs and flame torches add to the theme by a great deal. Yes, the restaurant is a bit dimly light, but once your eyes are set, you would love the place for what it is. With the hunter styled service men roaming around, the faint sound of the distant waterfall – it’s a perfect destination for a nice candle lit dinner with your partner.

Food Verdict: The food rating makes it to a decent above average with an eye of the price. The quality makes the cut most of the times and lives up to the standards.

Zomato Rating: 3.8. Average Cost for Two: 1100/- (Approx.). Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: Jayanagar › 79/8, Diagonal Road, 3rd Block.  Ph.-080 49652973

4. Cable Car, Jayanagar

Cable Car - theme based restaurants in bangalore

Pretty much as the name suggests, this restaurants has two distinct rooms themed after the cable car compartment. Well, yes, you heard it right, not the entire restaurant, so if you are lucky enough, you might get the feel of the theme. Easy going and comfortable! Courteous service staff and timely served.

Food Verdict: Above Average. It’s a vegetarian restaurant. Specializes in North Indian, but has a choice of Italian as well.  

Zomato Rating: 3.7. Average Cost for Two: 700/- (Approx.) Serves: Vegetarian

Location: Jayanagar › 24, 46th Cross, Opposite Raghavendra Mutt, 5th Block. Ph.- 080 42977777

5. Serengeti, BTM

Serengeti - theme based restaurants in bangalore

An African safari in the middle of the busy streets of Bangalore, quite a thing huh! Well, this place as you might have guessed by now is designed/themed after an African rain forest. The exteriors done up with flaming green foliage, sprawling everywhere along the ceiling and walls of the restaurants. Animals climbing and hanging around on the fake trees and the tables seem as if they have been carved of a tree trunk.

Food Verdict: Just about average. None of the dishes stand out, and some of them might just put you off, because of too much overdo. It is the theme that is enough to bring you to this place at least once!

Zomato Rating: 3.8. Average Cost for Two: 650/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: BTM › Ohri’s, 3rd Floor, Total Mall, Madiwala. Ph.-080 40003333

6. The Rock, Indiranagar

The Rock - theme based restaurants in bangalore

This is a place for your kids. Styled as Disney animated forest, these guys have actually put in a lot of effort in the detail. With entrance to the buffet area being a reptile mouth, it does grab your attention to a lot of other aesthetically placed elements of the jungle, and it might just remind of your George of the Jungle days from your childhood. A gorilla, en elephant, a crocodile with a wide mouth is enough to keep your kid giggling and entertained. A bit of caution however, the place could have done a better job managing a space more efficiently. Yes, it can get a bit queasy, in case you have a big team at home.

Food Verdict: Pretty much decent. The food meets the expectations and specializes in Indian.

Zomato Rating: 3.7. Average Cost for Two: 700/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: Indiranagar › 2001, 3rd Floor, 100 Feet Road. Ph.-080 49653355

7. The Fisherman’s Wharf, Sarjapur Road

The Fisherman's Wharf - theme based restaurants in bangalore

So you don’t have to really be in Goa to be ‘in Goa’. This swashbuckling restaurant will first draw your attention by the suave name it has, then it will make you go weak on the knees, for its splendidly refreshing ambience, in this bustling city of Bangalore. If you are into sea food, then this should be next place you need to head off to.

Food Verdict: Inspiring and you would absolutely love it. Goan, Japanese, Mexican, seafood you name it.

Zomato Rating: 3.9. Average Cost for Two: 700/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: Sarjapur Road › 26, Opposite Shubh Enclave, Ambalipura Village, Haralur Road. Ph.- 080 49653180

8. Firangi Paani, Koramangala

Firangi Panni - theme based restaurants in bangalore

A taste of the British English free houses at the heart of the Indian Silicon Valley. This is probably one of the classiest themed restaurants around the corner for you to go up the steps and climb up a high stool and enjoy and pitcher of beer and some crisp fish ‘n chips. Perfectly radiant, oak barrel shaped tables, retro music and awesome service, makes this place a great one to spend an evening, sipping your favorite beer.

Food Verdict: Classy and above average.

Zomato Rating: 3.7. Average Cost for Two: 2000/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: Koramangala › 2nd Floor, Forum Mall, Hosur Road. Ph.- 080 22067831

9. Angeethi – Musuem Inn, Church Street

Angeethi- Museum Inn - theme based restaurants in bangalore

This is the restaurant that gives you a feel of the quintessential Indian highway dhaba. Brass fittings and the rustic look add to the ambiance.  If you love the old style decorations then you wouldn’t dare miss this. With Amitabh’s adorning posters, the low flight of stairs taking you upstairs and the brass antiques on your table.

Food Verdict: The food is refreshing with the dhaba style offerings – chats, salads, sweet and savories, cane juice, jalebis and paan.

Zomato Rating: 3.7. Average Cost for Two: 1000/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian separately.

Location: Church Street › Museum Inn, 1, Museum Road. Ph.- 080 41113340

10. Jalsa, Marathahalli

Jalsa - theme based restaurants in bangalore

Jalsa is probably the most majestic of the lot in this list of unique and creatively styled themed restaurants in Bangalore.  Centrally located in Marathahalli, this place transports you to the Mughal period. The food and the music, drama & ambience equally contribute to the time deportation of your self. Finger licking Northern delicacies taken from our very own Mughal Emperors’ cookbooks is so true to its taste and distinct flavours, that it would make you feel like an Emperor yourself. The brightly lit and the colourful decorations are adorned with Urdu verses and the staff will give you the exact feel of how the people spoke during those times. The majestic chandeliers and palatial nature of the restaurant magnifies the beauty of it. To add to the fun part you can borrow a turban and wear it while you enjoy your food.

Food Verdict: The food is majestic, the way the Emperors had it during those bygone days. Keep an eye on the pinch in the pocket. Else all is good!

Zomato Rating: 3.7. Average Cost for Two: 1500/- (Approx.) Serves: Non-Vegetarian

Location: Marathahalli › 25/7, Doddannakundi, Outer Ring Road. Ph.- 080 32425757

All Images are sourced from Zomato unless otherwise specified.

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