1. Crash diet and starving myself for the next 7 days.

This could be disastrous. When your body is accustomed to a set diet that you have been following for years, it could react differently when you suddenly cut down on the carbs. Your body will force you to crave for high fat and high sugar food, as it’s on an all-time low energy levels. You eventually end up eating more and gaining more. And even if you manage to stick to the strict diet, over a period of time, you might come across, severe weakness and tendency to lose consciousness.

2. Rigorous exercise regime will help me shed those extra pounds.

One of the primary mistakes that the young generation does, in their quest to look leaner and better, is to flock to the gyms and work their way out. Not quite the right way for weight loss! The body will again react in a way because you are making it uncomfortable by introducing a sea of changes that it needs to adapt to within a short time. And unfortunately, most of the times, it cannot adapt.

You will need to build the routine of exercise slowly into your system, help the body get accustomed to its new needs and feed it appropriately. Take small bites of food, every hour, to cut your craving for more high energy foods.

3. I have cut down completely on my Carbs.

The general perception is that carbs are the main villains of weight gain, and when you cut down drastically on carbs, you start regaining your lost glory. Untrue! Carbohydrates provide you with energy, without you wouldn’t be able to function; it is the main source of a range of nutrients, contains fibre and has a treasure trove of vitamins. Carbs contains less than half of the calorific value than what is contained in fat.

So prepare a diet that has the right amount of carbs, proteins and fat content. Carbs aren’t the culprit.

4. Having cut down on all snacks/fast foods, I have only 3 meals in a day. This should help me get back in shape.

Do Not! This way you are again giving your body an excuse to crave for food making yourself susceptible to give in to the desire and end up eating more. Break your eating habit into smaller portions, take them with adequate gaps probably feed yourself something every hour. Avoid oily and high calorie food.

5. Slimming Pills will give me the much desired waistline.

Well, you must be nuts to believe this. Anything that promises you a result, the shorter route, do your research and pause before you act upon it.

6. I drink lots of water in the morning, which should help reduce my belly fat.

No, this is a gross misconception that hold true in many minds. Water does help you in weight loss; What it does is:

Keeps you hydrated so it might help you snack less in between hours.

It cleanses your system and is essential for good health and well being. Check out our section on the drinks that you should take in the morning to help reduce fat.

7. I Cannot afford Healthy Foods

Well, instead of taking it out on a Chinese takeaway, round the corner, why don’t you spend that extra effort and make a sumptuous noodle soup right at your home? You might just discover a new found love for cooking or hone your culinary skills a tad too little. Trust me, it can also act as a stress buster, if you are overloaded, which again results in obesity and major health issues.

8. I always buy packaged food, labelled as ‘Low Fat’

Have you ever got into a super market, scanned the isles for that much hyped ‘99% low fat’ label and picked it up without a second thought? Well, think again, a low fat label doesn’t always mean they are healthy for you. Often these foods are not low on calories, because most of the times, the fat is replaced with sugar, resulting in a high energy content. Make sure that you know the difference between, energy content and fat content.

9. Margarine is healthier than butter.

Margarine and butter are slight variants of the same nutritional ingredient. Butter contains more saturated fat, while margarine contains more percentage of trans-fat/hydrogenated fat, which is equally harmful for the body.

10. Skipping a few meals won’t harm me; it should actually shed a few extra kilos.

One of the finer points that this article has always stressed on is that to reduce weight, without making it a burden on yourself, you should balance the calorie intake and the calorie burn out in a slow manner, so that your body can adapt to the changes its going through. Skipping meals doesn’t help that cause, I am sure, you understand.

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