10 Myths about Indian Girls that you need to shed


Indian girls have come a long way. They are fighting their preconceived prototypes single-handedly every day and they have done a remarkable job. They are doing their job, when will you? So, update your knowledge bank about Indian women before you go on a date with these lovely ladies. Don’t be a pain in their beautiful asses.

P.S.: They know how to slap idiots real hard.

1. They do everything to get married – Marriage is their only ambition in life:

They graduate to get married. They get a job only to give it up after marriage. They even learn English to get married. People even go to the lengths of thinking that they are born only to get married years later. Wake up! Indian girls believe looking sexy in a Ghagra Choli (backless, oh yeah!) is more important than getting married to a random stranger any fine day. They are just as apprehensive of getting married as any of their male counter-parts. They sometimes completely freak out in their wedding saree and even secretly plan to run away just like any would-be groom.

2. They cook like a chef of a 5 Star Restaurant:

People have this wrong notion that all Indian girls have a hidden magic wand in their pockets which they stir and ‘pulaos’ and ‘kormas’ are ready to serve. How wrong! All Indian girls cannot make round rotis. They are sometimes as worse as the guys. Sometimes their culinary skills are limited to tea, coffee and sandwich. And what the heck! What is Sanjeev Kapoor, cookery shows and cook books for?

3. They have water taps inside their eye sockets – They cry at every damn thing:

No, Indian girls don’t have ‘Ganga’ packed in their eyes. Such girls are limited only to the Indian Mega Serials and their real counter-parts are a rare breed.

4. They are all poster girls of anti-smoking campaigns:

Indian girls do contribute to the cigarette business. Why not? They look a lot sexier than Indian men while smoking. If that’s the reason Indian men smoke, what harm did Indian women do?

5. They wrap their virginity in their ‘Aanchal’ and gift them to their husbands:

Indian girls enjoy sex like any other girls in any other part of the world even before marriage (And how people relate ‘virginity’ with ‘purity’ is still an equation to be solved). The oestrogen and progesterone flow even when they are single. And if guys can, why not girls?

6. They are just waiting for babies to give everything up:

How people wait for Indian women to give up everything they have achieved to become a mother. When will people know Indian women are smart enough and can balance work and motherhood? They can put up with all shit at work even after being a mom. After all they are used to putting up with Indian societal norms.

7. They pray 10 times a day:

Just like anyone Indian girls pray when they feel like. They have their own secret pacts with God. They know how to manage a few days without praying. They know that the solution to every problem isn’t going to the temple or church and lighting a ‘diya’. They know some problem can be slapped off hard across the face with the god-given hands.

8. They get high on shopping, not on alcohol:

Indian women know their wines, say ‘cheers’ with beers, like their tequila shots with a sprinkle of salt and the dash of lemon. They love to have a drink or two and let their hair down once in a while.

9. They are organizers by birth – shoes in shoe racks and clothes in cupboard:

When people enter an Indian girl’s room they expect it to be a movie set but how Indian girls have learnt to disappoint them. Their rooms are just as cluttered as cluttered can be. Shoes on the bed, dresses on the floor, nail-polish stains on the cupboards, hard-to-see-your-face-in-it mirrors, and crumpled bed-sheets. Expect all that and even more.

10. They are ‘Ghar ki Laxmi’ – they have a piggy bank stashed everywhere:

Indian women love to splurge and they are hardly interested in saving schemes. They love to buy branded stuff. They love to pamper themselves. They love to dine in fancy places and they love to travel to exotic locales. They love everything money can buy.

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Featured Image: AIB

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