10 Offbeat Things Men Find Adorable In Women


Apart from the ones that make women look beautiful and attractive, there are a lot of things men find adorable in women. Your man notices a lot of things in you, of which some he lets you know of some and some he keeps to himself. He enjoys the little moments when you are off guard, vulnerable. Things that make him love you more without your knowing it. Here is a list of 10 offbeat things that your guy might find adorable in you and love you more for.


1. A Woman Without The Slightest Hint of Make-Up:

Yeah, guys do like to check out made-up hot chicks in those awe-inspiring LBDs but underneath those superficial layers of pleasure they do go weak in their knees when they see their woman without even the slightest hint of colour, all messed up and unkempt. The unmade look gives them a feeling of belonging, an unsaid code of closeness.

Anne Hathaway without Makeup
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2. A Distinctly Different Accent Which A Woman May Find Embarrassing:

You might be at the zenith of self-consciousness and shifting uncomfortably in your seat every time you have to speak because you know you have a weird accent, but trust me your man finds it irresistibly adorable. Every time you speak, he melts inside. Just another reason why you should not give your lips a break.

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3. When A Woman is Rattled off Her Wits:

It may sound weird but your man likes you more when you are scared of whatever that might be. It’s not that men don’t like bold women. Oh! They love them. But when you are scared while taking that ride on the roller coaster, or you are suddenly screaming your mind out because a tiny cockroach crossed your path, he loves to take you in his arms and tell you that everything is all right. After all, he has also been fed the same fairytale bullshit. He loves to be your “Prince Charming”. Letting him once in a while wouldn’t hurt anyways.

Ra One
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4. A Woman In Sports Gear:

Men like women in skater dresses body-hugging dresses and stilettos but they love women in tracks and sport shoes. They find a buddy in women when they are in their tracks and trainers. They get an inch closer to share some boy talk. Tracks and trainers are comfortable anyways.

Kelly Brook in sports gear
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5. A Woman Who Drinks Beer:

Men find something inexplicably sexy in a woman sipping beer from a bottle. And they die for you when you burp. Probably it’s that feeling of camaraderie or maybe they assume that a woman who loves beer is low maintenance. It may be anything and nobody is giving out a Nobel to find out why. So, let us just concentrate on beer.

woman drinking beer
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6. A Woman Just Up From Her Morning Sleep:

Yes they love your messy, sloppy look. They find you vulnerable. They find you unpretentious. They find “you” in you. And they love the unceremonious and no-decorum you.

So, next time you want something done you know when to ask your man.

woman up from sleep
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7. A Woman Sweating It Out:

Not for nothing they say, “A beautiful woman running with her trainers on, can cure the neighbourhood of obesity.” Men like your sweat-wet look and that natural glow after your date with the treadmill. They will devour you with their eyes when you are doing your squats. They will stare at you like you will be crowned the next Miss Universe when you are rolling your dumbbells. Just revel in the glory. Doing exercise is good anyways.

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8. When A Woman Mistakenly Uses A Foul Word:

Don’t be under the impression that men like foul-mouthed women when I say this. But when you suddenly use a swear word in your angst, they find it cute. They love that you-caught-me-red-handed look in your eyes. They find your immediate “tch tch” as an aftermath irresistible.

Warning: Don’t over-do it.

foul word
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9. A Woman Wrapped In Her Man’s Shirt:

I read a funny quote the other day. “A man’s shirt on the female body is like a flag on a conquered fortress”. And probably it is true because men go crazy seeing their woman in their shirts. A loose shirt is comfortable and sexy. What is the harm in giving them their pleasure if it is that easy?

woman in man's shirt
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10. A Woman In Wet Hair:

There must be some unsaid connection between wet and men. I don’t want to unnecessary waste time putting it into words. I would rather come to the point. They fall for you a little more when you come out of your shower with your hair all wet and skewered, working the towel through your hair to get them back to normalcy. They love that mild scent of your conditioner, they love the way your brows furrow while you are trying to drive out water droplets sitting at the tip of your hair strands. In short, they love your wet hair.

drying wet hair
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