10 Reasons Why You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss The India South Africa Test Series

India South Africa Test
1. Of course that India Is Playing. With the team in its glory and the recent game history, the India South Africa Tests are a must watch!
India South Africa tests
And the captains are…!
2. There are four Test Matches this game. The only other time this happened was in the maiden series in 1992 in South Africa.
India South Africa tests
3. Posing the biggest threat to the Indian Batting line, Dale Steyn has the danger ball in his hand.
India South Africa Tests
Lethal Bowling Attacks
4. Our stud cum style icon, The Virat Kohli , Indian Test Captain, plays his first home assignment. Now we just hope that the lady stays away from the Camera!
India South Africa tests
Virat Kohli
5. AB de Villiers plays the game. Do we say anything more for this one? Well, the second Test to be played in Bangalore would be his hundredth Test! This man will really have the scoreboards rolling this game!
India South AFrica tests
Devastating De Villiers
6. With 21 Wickets in Three Tests in his pocket in the Sri Lanka Tour, he missed four ODIs due to his injury. R Ashwin returns a hungry tiger this time!
India South Africa Tests
Hungry For wickets
7. If Kagiso Rabada performs to his ability, his ticket to the Test XI is confirmed. Now what we need is a good match and good company to enjoy his bowling!
India South Africa Tests
And there he is!
8. With his Man of the Match for unbeaten at 145 in the SSC first innings, Pujara may be the one to start the Mohali test. The test match for his fans and the test of time for him!
India South Africa Tests
9. We like this boy but he would get to play only if India decides against Amit Mishra. Ravindra Jadeja has his fingers crossed and so do we!
India South Africa tests
Ravindra Jadeja
10. Imran Tahir, a Pakistani Born Cricketer came to South Africa to find his love and stayed back to play Cricket. Now the South Africans have Imran Tahir, the deadly leg spinner playing for them in this Test match, which will be his first!
India South Africa tests
Imran Tahir in Action
 And if you still miss the match, there is no helping you!

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