10 Forms Of Durga Puja Celebrated We Bet You Never Knew!


Celebrating Art and the victory of Good over Evil, Durga Puja is a Pan-Indian Festival which is rich in colours and celebrations! Bask in the festivities and celebrate the festival of bonding, love and divine interventions while we give you a list of ten things about Durga Puja that you did not know of!

1. Unanimous yet Different Celebrations

It is celebrated in various parts of the country but under different names! Dandiya, Golu and The Royal celebrations apart from the basic Durga Pujo, the Navratras are the celebration India awaits everyday.

 Durga Puja

2. Women – The Essence of this Festival

This festival is celebrated for women, by women and because of Women.It celebrates the spirit of womanhood with colour, art, dance and culture. Durga Puja represents the power of women in the country and religion.

Durga Puja

3. South India and Golu Celebrations

In south India, celebrated as Golu, the families buy many idols to portray their life. Decorations on the ninth day followed by a ritualistic Puja on the tenth day commemorate the festival with little children starting preschool at the end of this festival.

Durga Puja

4. Royally Decked Up Karnataka

In Karnataka, the Royal Palace  and the cities are decorated and elephants and chariots ride in. In fact, this is the best time to visit Karnataka where in the whole place is actually decked up for a mega celebration!

Durga Puja

5. The Bengali Durga Puja

Visit Kolkata for the true taste of the Blessings of Goddess Durga. Bright , pretty and alive the entire Eastern Part celebrates the Durga Puja with happiness and fervour.

Durga Puja

6. Dancing to Glory in the West

Tread towards the western part of the country for the Dandiya Raas. Two decorated sticks act as props for the celebration of dance and singing. Add to it beautifully decked up women and traditionally decked up men, and you have just entered a divine commemoration.

Durga Puja

7. The North’s Obsession with Ram, Raavan and Triumph

If you have not witnessed the grandeur and the celebration of Ramlila, you have missed quite a lot of fun. Narrative dramatics of the demon Ravana being destroyed and the win of good over evil, the festivities stretch over the nine days in all with the enthusiastic crowds burning effigies on the on the Tenth Day called Dussehra.

Durga Puja

8. Colourful Neighbours in Nepal

A further bit towards Nepal and in Navratri, and all you see around, is the Holy and blessed Kum Kum. Symbolising the purity and strength of relationships, people smear kumkum on each others foreheads. nepal shows the true colours with a grand nationwide celebration of Navratri.

Durga Puja

9. Become the Gods and fight the wars

Almost an Indian Version of Halloween , witness a costume party in elan in Kulasekarapattinam which lies in southern Tamil Nadu. People vow abstinence from alcohol, meat and sin for a total of 41 days and become godly seeking alms and living a meagre life. On the tenth day , a mock battle is held on the shores where good wins over the evil.


10. Andhrite worship of Motion and Energy

Andhra Pradesh basically was supposed to worship the avatar of the Goddess and her armour that helped her fight the demons. however, the times now see a worship of vehicles and machines. Practically  some thing which can move. On Vijayadashami, the tenth day of the Navratras, the state worships the vehicles and the machines that form the life chain.

Durga Puja

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