10 Things Only a Photographer In You will Relate To

If you see the world in a frame, then these are the stuff that you would come across everyday - in a nutshell.

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People make a lot of fun about photographers nowadays. Many people buy a DSLR camera just to show off to the world. That has taken away some attention from the people who are truly passionate about photography. If you are a photographer, its all about the passion that you show in this art form. You don’t care what people say. Here are a few things you would definitely relate to if you are a passionate photographer.

1. The enormous power to freeze moments

Moments are momentary, but a click of the power button can freeze it forever. They say, “Pen is mightier than the sword”, but photographers know a camera is.

2. Risking everything to get the perfect photo

You brave the wind, storm, rain and everything in between to get that one perfect shot. Your friends praise you for the end product, but only you know how it has come by.

3. How it takes pain-staking effort to beautify someone and then credit goes to that person.

There are a lot of times when you take so much of effort to shoot in that particular angle and that particular light to make your subject look good, and then all praise goes to the person photographed. Nobody reserves a word of praise for you. Only you know what you had to go through to deliver that, but you don’t mind.

4. ‘Personal’ isn’t yours anymore

You sacrifice your personal life to make someone else’s personal moments eternal. People think your job is cool, but you know what you have to deal with on a daily basis.

5. Lose the limelight every single time

Only a photographer would understand the pain of having no likeable self-portraits. If only someone would take as good pictures as you did.

6. There is so much hidden inside the petals of a flower or the veins of a leaf

The finer things in life can only be appreciated by a photographer and his “macro” mode.

7. A friend in need is a ‘camera’ indeed

A lone early morning walk on the banks of the rivers or in the park taking candid pictures of various moods of people is worth much more than parties and useless gossips.

8. Timing is the key to success

Only two kinds of people would understand the magnanimity of timing; a man who missed having an accident by a whisker and a man with a camera.

9. The Sound of Happiness

Mozart’s notes don’t sound half as good as the ‘click’ to a photographer’s ears. It is pure bliss when the press of your finger produces that magical sound and captures that perfect image you were looking forward to.

10. Invitation to birthday parties and treks only for photographs

Sometimes, you do feel bad that the rest of your personality gets lost in the magic of your photography skills, but that is a small price when you get so much of appreciation for your work and you tend to not mind it slowly.

Photography is your passion. No matter what people say, you do not care. You just want that perfect shot, every time you press the button. A picture truly speaks a thousand words.

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