10 Things That Make You Fall In Love With Bangalore

Party and enjoy
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Leaving the canopy of our home and setting sail off to some far away land is never easy. We fight with memories, we battle xenophobia, we combat our tear glands, our hands shake to cut the umbilical cord, and we struggle with every inch of our soul. But life, like they say, goes on. We do win over our insecurities and set foot on a journey to a new place where we meet new people and make new memories. Slowly and steadily the new place grows into us. We fall for it. We make it our second home because it embraces us with tender care and embalms our reluctance to end the war wedged within ourselves. Like Bangalore did to me.

Here are ten reasons why anybody would fall for Bangalore.

1. “The Seasons and the Sun” – Amazing weather all through the year.

Like wise men say, “Weather is unpredictable. You can never be sure of it.” But I am sure you most definitely would fall in love with the Bangalore weather. If you ask me to describe it in a word I would fetch ‘addictive’ from my bag of smart words. It is always autumn in Bangalore. As a citizen of a tropical country that would most definitely sound fetching to you, wouldn’t it?

The seasons and the sun
The seasons and the sun. Source: en.wikipedia.org
2. “Coming Clean” – One of the Cleanest cities in India.

Well, being one of the cleanest and greenest Indian cities definitely helps the cause of making Bangalore your second home. According to reports, Bangalore, off late, has been suffering a lot in this end with sky-scarpers and industries changing the equation in rapid progression, however you cannot take the glory away completely yet. With particulate matter count less than any other metropolitan city it is still good to go.

Coming Clean
Coming Clean. Source: weather-forecast.com
3. “Foster the People” – Amazing people.

Bangalore like any other metropolitan city is everyone’s and no one’s city just at the same time. But what makes it sweeter are the localites. Bangaloreans are hustle-free (except for the few shrewd land lords and their female counterparts who would knock you off your senses), easy going and lovable. They aren’t fiercely competitive and have a very disarming laid-back attitude towards life which would make you like them instantly.

Their innocence and charm would never go unnoticed. The roads in Bangalore may have holes but Bangaloreans have a wholesome heart.

Amazing Bangalore people
Source: www.britishcouncil.in
4. “I am sensing the Location” – Close to various other Hotspots.

With Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Chennai located in close proximity, Bangalore is a traveler’s paradise. With KSRTC plying in every possible route and keeping itself abreast of modern technologies you could be anywhere during weekends. In Bangalore, you would never feel stuck no matter how deep a hole you have dug for yourself otherwise.

Places to visit. Source: gamaavia.md
5. “Taking all of my Energy” – Always vibrant and full of energy.

Bangalore is bustling with energy and it isn’t hard to guess the ‘why’. With educated Indian youth driven by career opportunities migrating to Bangalore from all over, Bangalore is all set to become the youngest city in the country. So if you are single and the thirty TNT is hovering over your head ready to blow off anytime you better start your journey of discovery and adventure by moving your lazy ass (and your baggage) to this youthful city. You might not fall in love with the city but your chances of falling in love with someone in this city is rather high.

Full of Energy
Source: hallabol.com
6. “Land of Opportunities” – Higher studies anyone?

And, statistics would nod its head. Besides being the IT Hub that it is, Bangalore houses 885 colleges (highest in India as of Nov, 2013) and a plethora of prestigious higher education institutes and research labs. Oh! You can choose to hate Bangalore but you definitely cannot ignore it.

Land of Opportunities
Source: sjcetpalai.ac.in
7. “All I want is Something New” – Silicon Valley of India.

If you have a penchant for being your own boss you definitely would choose Bangalore over any other city in India. With its startup ecosystem ranked among the top 20 in the world and with a glorious history like Flipkart, Make my Trip, Tally, India likes to boast of, it definitely has a lot to offer to the hot-blooded entrepreneurs who need to “Make in India”.

Source: trak.in
8. “Food, Glorious Food” – Experimental cuisines, anyone?

Bangalore isn’t the restaurant capital of India yet but it isn’t far behind. According to mathematical figures, a new eatery comes up every other day in Bangalore. You have the luxurious of restaurants together with budget friendly ones existing in perfect harmony. You have the illustrious chains and the experimental ones fitted in unimpeachable order. And nobody is complaining. When you are spoilt for choice you really cannot, can you?

Experimental food
Experimental food. Source: springuncorked.com
9. “Passion Pit” – Unlimited opportunity to pursue your passion.

Bangalore is a city where passion is given that much-needed second chance. Bangalore has an answer for all kinds of enthusiasts. It is a Mecca for trekkers, cyclists, footballers, swimmers, athletes, potters, painters and you can go on. If you aren’t a foodie this would definitely trap you to fall in love with the garden city.

Follow your passion
Source: treklocations.com
10. “Drunk out Loud, Safe & Sound” – Get Drunk and yet go back home Safe

Bangalore sleeps early but it gets drunk before going to bed. With a whole range of microbreweries (Oh! The other cities shy), pubs and bars to choose from and cheap alcohol at hand you have no much option, do you? And what comes handy is Bangalore’s safety quotient. According to a recent survey, it is the third safest city in the country (yes, one place above Mumbai) and you cannot deny the intoxication hidden in the edgy cocktail I just threw at you. Drunk and safe definitely makes a heady concoction.

Party and enjoy
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Aren’t you drunk already?

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