10 Things Your Woman Would Definitely Want You to Take Notes On!

Things you should know about the love of your life. A light hearted take of on the insides of God's most beautiful creation.

Chivalry is Outdated
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[dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap]If only people could listen, the world would have been a merrier place

Listen_More_Conversation - woman

A lot has been said about how confused women are. But, I believe, most of the confusions are created because men don’t listen. How hard is it to listen to the woman you love? If you can gulp down all the Harsha Bhogle Square Cut crap you can definitely give an ear to your lady love and try to understand what she actually wants. It only reconfirms how much she means to you. And moreover, you can then force your girl to listen to your drunken monologue.

[dropcap type=”1″]2[/dropcap]How a little surprise means so much…that it fills you with love!

Surprise Her More - woman
Surprise Her More

When will men wipe off their complete apathy towards this underrated wizardry called ‘surprise’? Well, the sooner the better. Women find the whole idea of their men taking time out and planning a surprise for them very heart-warming and reassuring. Hold on guys! You still don’t get it? Imagine India qualifying for the FIFA World Cup. How will you feel? Now you get the whole thing about ‘surprise’ right?

[dropcap type=”1″]3[/dropcap]Life isn’t a soap opera and women don’t go to sleep with painted faces – Reality Check

Painted Faces- Perception of Beauty - woman
Painted Faces- Perception of Beauty

The social media has been harsh on women. They have been projecting properly dressed, nicely made up perfectly shaved women round the clock. In reality, women have their rough days and feel absolutely lazy on the other days. Women too stink and are even gross at times. You must try and find beauty in their peculiarities. Sounds clichéd but trust me, it works.

[dropcap type=”1″]4[/dropcap]Chivalry isn’t outdated, the definition has only been updated over the years…

Chivalry is Outdated  - woman
Source: httpswww.talkinfrench.comfrench-weird-habits

Women don’t need someone to open the door or pull out the chair or pay their bills. They need someone who will not mind introducing them to their friends. They need someone who will break-up instead of cheating. They need someone who will talk things out instead of acting creepy. They need someone who is willing to accept their family members no matter how weird they are. That is the new chivalry. Have you guys tried it yet?

[dropcap type=”1″]5[/dropcap]Every mood swing isn’t that time of the month!

Mood Swings- PMS - woman
Mood Swings- PMS

A woman is mostly irritated because you are behaving like a prick and not because she is having a period. Stop associating stupid videos and articles you come across with life.

[dropcap type=”1″]6[/dropcap]Money is not the most important thing in the world

the-best-thing-in-life-are-free - woman
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Whoever said, “Women run after rich men”, was definitely a man. Women don’t give a damn about how much you earn. They don’t judge you by your salary. Stop fretting over money. Humor and wit are things you should worry about more.

[dropcap type=”1″]7[/dropcap]Little things build up a stronger wall.. and a healthier relationship

little things matter - woman
little things matter

No matter how much you want to make it big, remember, teeny tiny things matter more. You may buy your woman fancy things which burn a big hole in your pocket but if you aren’t there when she is going through a bad phase it does not take you anywhere. Uplifting her from the darkest of moods, making her smile when she in the deepest of blue, respecting her being are more important things than buying her Gucci bags and Zara dresses. She can buy that herself, if you know what I mean.

[dropcap type=”1″]8[/dropcap]‘I Luv U’ isn’t the same as ‘I love you’. 

I love you is more important than I Luv U - woman
I love you is more important than I Luv U

Don’t be lousy when you are expressing your feelings. When you are conveying your feelings to the girl you love keep time on your side. Sound convincing. When she texts you, “I love you” while you are in the middle of a meeting don’t reply. When you have all the time in the world, jot down a few lines which have the potential to blow her mind off.

[dropcap type=”1″]9[/dropcap]Hiding things according to convenience is just another way of spelling ‘cheating’

Dont Keep secrets - woman
Dont Keep secrets

Not saying things you don’t feel like isn’t a healthy way to embark on a journey together. You might meet the bombshell you had fancied back in school over a cup of harmless cappuccino and completely suppress the information from the woman you love just because you don’t want unnecessary friction. Well you can do that, but, trust me, it just won’t help. You may have a harmless tussle when you say but that will smoothen the creases in the longer run.

[dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap][dropcap type=”1″]0[/dropcap]Like wise men say, “Women remember everything”

The sentence means just like it reads. Why win an argument when winning the girl is more important? Anyways your defeat is inevitable because they will site references you did not know even existed. Give up and get going.

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