10 Types of People On WhatsApp, That You Immediately Need To Ignore

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They would make you bang your head in frustration and probably creep you out with their deliberate acts of social cannibalism. Here we present 10 types of morons, on your WhatsApp list, that you need to do away with – right now!

1. Good Morning/Night Fanatics

Yeah, I know it is morning and you don’t know if it’s good. So why are you wasting my phone memory?

2. The Creeps

Oh! Sherlock Holmes, I know you got my number from somewhere, noted it down and had all the time in the world to send messages. But if you thought that would impress me, you need to seriously work on your IQ.

3. Video Consigner

If you have nothing to do, pollute your FB wall and irritate people on your list. Why do you have to do get into everyone’s nerves individually? I am baffled how you manage all that shit in 24 hours?

4. Blue tick Junkie

I know you know that I have read what you had sent. I haven’t replied because I don’t want to. When will you get that block-head? I only wish WhatsApp comes up with a red tick meaning get lost very soon enough.

5. Group Guru

You and I are roommates so let’s make a group on WhatsApp. Come on! Why the hell do you need a group for that?

6. Selfie Sender

As if Flicker, Instagram and Facebook wasn’t enough. No, I love my face more than yours. Period.

7. Extremely Long and Equally Crappy Message Forwarders.

You, yes you are a criminal. One day when I am off my mind I will hang you to death.

8. Hopeless Lovers

I know you tried everything but I just want to break that idiot’s nose who gave you this pathetic idea to send hearts on WhatsApp. It’s still not working for you. You have scaled the hopeless chart a tad more.

9. Initiate Enthusiast

Where do you go after that wry ‘Hi’? If you don’t really care why do even care to type that two-lettered conversation initiator? Oh OK! You must have got stuck in the jam while travelling to office and you thought of wheeling away your time. Why don’t you find a better time pass?

10. WhatsApp Addicts

Your phone has other features called “Call” and “Message” apart from watsapp. So if it’s really important, instead of waiting from me to reply you back on WhatsApp, you can use those features for a change.

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