10 Untrue Facts You Believed All Your Life And We Prove Them Wrong!

Untrue Facts

You lived with some Untrue facts all your life and we will prove them wrong. This is our list of the ten most common facts that we say are “NOT TRUE”. Tadtoonew gives you a list of Facts that are actually wrong!!! Happy Realising!

10. Sprinkling Salt in Water makes it Boil quicker. No it does not but actually adding salt makes it boil later than normal. Salt increases the boiling point of water! Ha! we caught you on that one!
Untrue Facts
Adding Salt while boiling water
09. Adding Oil while boiling pasta will not make it stick. Wrong again! Stirring helps in keeping it from sticking. Adding oil makes it greasy!
Untrue Facts
Pasta Yummy
08. Eating and then Swimming gives you Cramps. Alcohol and swimming does! Swimming on a full stomach would give you breathlessness not cramps!
Untrue Facts
Eating and swimming
07. One side of the brain is stronger than the other. Naaah! No difference. No side is weaker just the skill set may be more defined as per the practice but no difference in the brain as such.
Untrue Facts
Stronger Sides
06. Dogs sweat while salivating. NO! they don’t. They sweat through their footpads and salivating is just to cool their temperatures!
Untrue Facts
Salivating Dogs
05. Great wall of China is visible from Space. No it is not! No man made structure is. May be some cities, but not all either!
Untrue Facts
Great Wall of China
04. Einstein failed in Maths. Really You believe that? Of course he did not. He failed an entrance exam in maths. But he excelled in the subject otherwise!
Untrue Facts
Failed in maths
03.Only 10 percent of the brain is used normally. Yes that right! But just at one time! Other times the other parts are well used! We are not wasting our brains!
Untrue Facts
02. Shaving grows thicker hair. Oh! C’mon! It just makes hair grow with a blunt tip making it appear thicker. Shaving does not increase hair volume or density!
Untrue Facts
01.Bulls attack Red. Well here it is! Bulls are colour blind they can’t see red or any other colour in fact. They attack because they feel threatened with the movements of the bull fighter!
Untrue Facts
Bull Fights
So while we leave you scratching your heads with these facts, tell us if you know more of them!

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