11 Things You’re Tired Of Hearing When You Say You’re A Gujarati!


These are probably the things that you’re tired of hearing if you have friends who are weirdly fascinated towards “Gujjus!”

1. The minute you say you’re a Gujarati the greetings start:

“Haan! Tum gujju ho? Kem Cho Mehtaji? Majama!” and you only roll your eyes because you are so used to listening to the people answer their own questions without even knowing that they did.

2.The moment they ask you to teach the language:

“Tum mujhe Gujarati sikhaogi please?” You wish you could say – ‘Make use of Google’

3. The obsession with the “Dangerously named” food:

“Aunty Ko bolna na kal please Tiffin mei Thepla degi!” Then you are like, “With pleasure, come finish my breakfast too, I have to eat that almost every other day!”

4. Needless to say when Pujas are around:

“Tum Jaogi Garba and Dandiya karne? Mujhe bhi seekhna hai, chalu tumhare saath?” and you don’t know what to do because you know you would invariably get hit by them when they use those sticks.

5. The moment they start with their weird comparisons:

“Meri Bhabhi bhi Gujarati hai par wo toh JAI JINENDRA bolti hai! Tum kyun nai bolti?” and you have to patiently explain it to her why you say – “JAI SHRI KRISHNA”

6. The time they start talking about all the Gujarati TV soaps and they expect you to watch them:

“Kyaa? Tum Tarak Mehta Nai Dekhti? Daya Nai Achi Lagti?” and you with extra sweetness have to reply – “Dude, just because I’m one, doesn’t mean I will watch the gujju TV soaps too! Hello? Do you watch Marathi channels?”

7. That day when you say you don’t have money:

“Tum Gujjus are very chalu, baniyas! Kabhi kharcha hi nahi karte, kanjus!” Dude, I am not Ambani, I can have days when I actually don’t have money.

8. Asking you to sing “the” song:

“Suno na, tumko toh aana chaie nay yeh song? After all it has few Gujarati lyrics.” You resist yourself from saying – “OK, do you know all the Bengali songs?”

9. The fun and teasing over the accent umm sorry “ekcent” :

“You guys never say Taxi, always Takesi,” while you control yourself from shouting that I’m not the one with MTI. Go hear South Indians speak!

10. That question which you just don’t know how to answer:

“Why do you guys have such weird names? Jignes, Kinal, Peenal, Sejal blah blah blah”

11. The Moment they see you having something sweet:

“Tumlog Ko toh agar pani mei cheeni milake bhi do, toh wo bhi tumlog pee loge, itna meetha khate ho!”

Yes that is because we are extra sweet people.

We are proud GUJJUs: Say G-Gujarat, U-Uundhiyu, J-Jamnagar, J-Jamwa, U-Utawad!

PS: For those of you who have read this and might not know Gujarati, don’t just trouble your friends to know what does Utawad mean? As I already said, Just Google it!

Featured Image source: boxofficeindia

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