12 Small But Important Things We Can Learn From YouTube


Today if we want to learn anything, we simply go to YouTube, search the topic, watch the video and yes we are ready. Be it cooking or learning a language, we can all do it here. Access to YouTube has solved all our problems and given us the best way to get instant solutions. It is also the best source of entertainment, movies, daily soaps, video songs, funny clips and the list can go on and on. So here are 12 such things which we can learn very easily from YouTube, without doing some deep research.

1. How to style your hair

This one for all the fashion lovers. We all love doing something with our hair from time to time, but it is not always possible to go to a stylist. So at YouTube we can easily learn how to make very difficult hairstyles, by following very easy steps given in the videos.

2. How to do some Magic to entertain people

We all love magic and we all want to know at least some tricks, to surprise our friends now and then. YouTube provides us with the opportunity to learn some tricks which are very easy and simple to follow. This is just one of the many that you can find


3. How to write a blog

If you are a fresh writer and you are looking for some tips, this video will do it all for you. There are many people who want to write blogs, but don’t know how to properly do so. This video will help them to start with it all by themselves. There are a series of these videos. Check them out if you find this useful.


4. How to sew on a button

Over the years we have been so busy with ‘the important things of life’ that we have neglected the less important ones. Sewing a button is very simple but if we haven’t learnt it and need to do it during an emergency, we are at our wit’s end. Now YouTube solves that problem for us.


5. How to dress for different occasions

It tells us how we should dress up for different occasions: like what colour, what makeup, and specially the footwear. It gives us all the great ideas to look perfect in every situation.


6. How to plant a vegetable garden in 30 minutes

Now that’s quick and easy, well a lot of us want a vegetable garden but due to the long procedure, we end up neglecting it. But this video will solve our problem as it will guide us how to plant a vegetable garden in less than 30 minutes, by following very easy steps.


7. Grooming classes

We all have some bad habits and we all want to improve. This video will help to improve our skills and become perfect!


8. How to organise stuff

Be it paper work or our messy wardrobe, YouTube will help us to learn as to manage our stuff in a systematic way and become organised.


9. How to kiss

This one is among the top searched videos, which shows that a lot of people are interested to learn the art of kissing. Check this out and it might help you to add to your skills


10. How to open a lock without keys!

A lot of times, we forget to carry our keys along. Well in this situation YouTube helps us to open a lock within 5 minutes. This video teaches us to open our door lock with the help of simple instruments like a pin, which we can easily locate in a lady’s bag. No wonder burglary is on the rise!


11. How to irritate a telemarketer

According to me this video is one of the best ideas ever. This video teaches you, how to irritate a tele-caller with funny sounds of toilet flush. As we all get pissed by such calls and we really need a solution to this problem.


12. How to turn into a Ninja

Well if you want to learn some ninja moves and kick ass literally, this video is the one. It teaches you some kick ass moves and techniques. Even if you don’t learn, you will end up having a really funny time.

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