10 Shortcuts To Search Google Like A Pro!

Search Google like a Pro

Call it “Google Mata”, quite literally though because nothing is UNKNOWN now! Anything you want to learn, or know, or study, or experiment; practically anything can be searched on google. With 225 Million websites to search through, you could practically drown in the knowledge pool on Google. Unless you are a tech geek, chances are that you are using the simplest form of google searches.

Here are ten tips to make you search google like a Pro!

1. Searching for explicit phrases

Let’s just say you are looking for some thing associated with Business management. or assume quadratic equation ! Even better, searching for Satire movies in Hollywood. Just by adding the little inverted commas as pre and suffixes makes it sound like a phrase and Voila, you have the exact results for it!!

Example: “Marketing and Sales”

Search Google like a Pro
Explicit phrases
2. Exclude words you do not want to see

Just by placing a hyphen besides the “Exact phrase” used, you can choose to exclude some words in particular. Just a small word of care. Do not put a gap between the phrase and the Hyphen. It may be mistaken as a minus sign or a dash.

Example: “Marketing and Sales”-B2B sales

Search Google like a Pro
Search minus the words you do not want
3. Searching specific websites for specific content

This way you ask your Google friend to find the website and then the phrase you are looking for on that same website in one go! So now you don’t need to figure out the word on the webpage specified, let Google help!

Example: “Marketing and Sales”site:businessinsider.com

Search Google like a Pro
From Specific Websites
4. Narrowing the file types you want

If you are looking for ppts, excel sheets, word docs, or anything as such , just let google know and it will register it. Use the format you seek right after the exact phrase and it will yield the results.

Example: “Marketing and sales”filetype:ppt

Search Google like a Pro
Search using the file types
5. And / OR

You have a choice to search for two separate things at the same time. not commonly known but you can use and the And and OR operator to search for two things together

Example: Marketing and Sales OR Promotions

                Business Management AND marketing

Search Google like a Pro
Using the And / OR function
6. Searching Phone Numbers

You just received a call and missed it and do not know who it is. So you just type the number and look for it on Google. Of course you have to use a valid number for it to yield the results.

Example: phonebook: 677-543-7789

Search Google like a Pro
Phone numbers
7. Numeric Range search

I personally like this one the best . Looking for gangster movies between 1930 and 1980. This is what you have to do.

Example : Gangster movies 1930..1980

Search Google like a Pro
Searching over numeric ranges
8. Calculate easily minus the calculator

Forget the calculator. Its way passe’. This is what you need to do and get your results in a jiffy.

Example: 673826647234*0.009876

Search Google like a Pro
Easy Calculations
9. Looking for definitions

Naah! you don’t need the wikipedia or the dictionary. Let Google use its grey matter. Simply type the word define: and the word you need to define and wait.

Example: define:shenanigans

Search Google like a Pro
10. Stock Tickers

Worried about investments and want to keep a check? Forget the old way of logging in on stock exchanges or websites . Just type the Tinker word and there you go! it gives you a small thumb chart and even the current listings.

Example : GOOG or just PMT

Search Google like a Pro
Stock markets

This is how you really maximize using Google. have any other tips we could use. Share them in the comments section. Also tell us more about google and You!

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