“Tainted and Bloodied” A man holds a hand drawn French flag, with the words “I am Parisian” in front of the French embassy just after the Paris Attacks.

I am Parisan-001 - Paris Attacks

“Terrorism has NO Religion” Show of Solidarity from the people of France.

Muslim-Paris- - Paris Attacks

As the world mourns the Paris massacre, there are people who still dream of a better world, amidst the ruins!

Poem for Paris-001 - Paris Attacks

My tears might roll off, my pain might be forgotten, but the blood and blue will live on! Forever!

portrait-001 - Paris Attacks

They call me Freedom – just like the waving flag! Stronger we stand!

paris condolence-001 - Paris Attacks

A rose in a bullet hole! In the name of Love.

Rose in a bullet hole-001 - Paris Attacks

That dreadful time of war!

Paris Footbal Stadium-001 - Paris Attacks

In remembrance – for the lost and beloved!

Paris Attack - Flowers-001 - Paris Attacks

As History rests upon my shoulders, my country will not sleep tonight!

eiffel tower closed-001 - Paris Attacks

Hasta la vista!!

Candle-Paris-001 - Paris Attacks

I will bring you flowers everyday, I will take the pain with a smile, I will stand stronger now, more than ever!!

buzzfeed collage-001

As Paris burns from the inside, Poland takes up arms against EU’s refugee plan…

Poland _Refugee-001

In his watchful gaze – a family reunites!

paris rescue-001 - Paris Attacks

And World wears the color for peace or is it war? – Shanghai


All the Love is not lost – A couple stands and gazes at the lit up Opera House – Sydney

Sydney Opera House-001

San Francisco City Hall – California adorns the color of the French National Flag.

SFO City Hall-001 - Paris Attacks

London Mourns the Paris Attacks – Trafalgar Square, National Gallery.

National Gallery_Trafalgar Square

Toronto lit it with the colors of the French National Flag – CN towers Canada.

CN Tower-001

The Angel de la Independencia Monument in Mexico – prominent in the night sky.

Angel De Independencia-001 - Paris Attacks

An artist created a simple painting that has taken the world by storm and become the symbol of the

Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol-001

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