3 TV Commercials That Are Breaking The Gender Stereotypes


Though women these days adeptly juggle numerous roles, there still remains an unrealistic world in television commercials where women are portrayed as meek, coy and mild. They are either epitomes of beauty (a perfectly dolled up Yami Gautam goading her viewers to buy the Fair and Lovely beauty products) or are exhausted housewives whose husband gives her a message with Moov only to get her back to her household chores. As if having a flawless skin and cleaning dirty toilets are the only major concerns of their life. But amidst all these stereotypings some brands like Whisper, Anouk and a few others are showing enough courage to shatter the bubble of such formulaic conceptions. Here are 3 such TV commercials that I find extremely intriguing.


1. “Being a mother is not a sacrifice’ it’s a choice.”

The TVC puts forward a very important message that motherhood comes naturally and it should never be considered an encumbrance of responsibility. Titan’s new campaign “khud se naya rishta” has over the years become equivalent to the progressive mindset of Indian women. In this commercial we find a “mother to be” announcing in her speech that she might not be the mother who makes perfectly round chappatis. But goes on to thank her mother who did not give up her career after giving birth to a child. Directed by Vinil Mathews of Breathless films, this commercial is a wonderful reminder that to become a mother a woman does not need to leave behind her dreams and aspirations.

2. #BreaktheBias

At number 2 we again have to mention another Titan Raga TVC that brilliantly limns how biased our minds are regarding women’s success at their work places.

The film opens with a board meeting where officials are busy evaluating the annual performance of their employees. An employee Kiran recommended for promotion by a certain Rajat seems to be an obvious choice to some executives as Rajat and Kiran are described as extremely close and though Kiran is young and a fresher, they make a great team together. While everyone in the room imagines Kiran to be a beautiful repulsive girl, they are shocked when Kiran turns out to be a boy. The advertisement successfully conveys a the message that our thoughts are so corrupted with gender biases that we often fail to recognize a woman’s hard work.

3. Change the Convention

Biba’s new “change is beautiful” campaign is bringing a commendable change to the ideas of arrange marriages in India. Here we find the girl’s father making sure that the guy his daughter is about to marry is as efficient in handling domestic chores as her daughter, therefore, demanding a marriage of equals. Sure Biba, a change like this is beautiful, it’s invigorating.

Apart from these Nike’s Da Da Ding or Ariel’s #sharetheload commercials and Tanishq’s #lastthingonhermind also feature bold and realistic portrayals of women. And we surely need more of them. What do you think?

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