Scared Of Shraaps?? 8 Shraaps of Hindu Mythology that changed Mankind!

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology

This was not the Age of Twitter and a Shraap could be given without going to jail.

Here is the list of 8 Shraaps of Hindu Mythology that totally nailed it…. Read the list and tell us, if given the power would you give the shraap?

8. Vridhakshtra Shraap

Jayadratha (Vridhakshtra son) killed Abhimanyu. Scared for his son, Vridhakshtra cursed that who ever would kill his son, his head would burst that instant. Krishna plotted for the sun to go down before time and Jayadratha Was killed by Arjuna. Jayadratha’s severed head fell in Vridhakshtra’s lap. And voila, His own head burst that Instant!

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology
Shraap for the father
7. Yudhishthir Curses Kunti

After the war Yudhishthir was cremating all his loved ones and was deeply in sorrow for cremating Karna. Never had he known that Karna was his own brother. Turning around and befitting the skies, his cursed the womanhood of not being able to retain Secretes Ever….. Surely now we know, why women can’t keep secrets. This curse was brought about by Kunti and her vow of secrecy!

Shraap of Hindu Mythology
Kunti – who hid her truth
6. Brahma Cursed

Lord Shiva Cursed Brahma that he could never be worshipped because Brahma had lied to Shiva about the existence of the mankind. This is exactly why despite being of the highest honour in Hinduism, this god has no worship and no temples.

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology
The cursed Lord
5. Cursed By Daughter in Law

Ravana once advanced his daughter in Law Rambha in an unethical way and in a fit of rage she cursed him that if he would ever approach a woman for intimacy without her consent, all his heads would explode instantly. Poor soul stayed away from Sita for all this while! DUH!

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology
Why Ravan Did Not touch Sita
4. Cursing the Moon

In all his cuteness on Chaturthi, Lord ganesha ate too much and feel down. So his round tummy split open and seeing a snake he tied it around his stomach. The moon saw this and was laughing! So Ganesha cursed the moon that anyone who would look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi would be falsely implicated.

Shraaps of hindy mythology
The Cursed Moon
3. Draupadi’s Virginity

Shiva granted Draupadi the power to turn a virgin again after a bath every morning. This is why she was always a virgin no matter which of the Pandavas she was with.

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology
2. When Karna Was Cursed

A small child dropped a pot of ghee on the ground and Karna trying to help the child, picked up the ghee and tried to squeeze the soil out of it. HEaring Cries of Pain of the mother Earth or Bhoomi Devi, he stopped squeezing the fistful of ghee only to realise that he had been cursed by her. That one fine day in a situation of need, she would squeeze his energy too. This is what happened when his chariot wheel got stuck.

Shraaps of Hindu Mythology
The chariot Wheel
1.The composition of the Ramayana

The first line of Ramayana, that was written by Valmiki itself is a Shraap!  He saw two birds making love while an arrow struck the heart of the bird and died. The other bird in love died due to the shock. And valmiki cursed the eternity for the cruelty that had been inflicted in the poetic shlok that opens the Ramayana.


Shraaps of Hindu Mythology

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