5 Awesome Travel Photography Tips For Capturing Beautiful Photos!


Do you remember Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani? He played the role of a guy who loved to explore world and became a travel photographer by profession later. He looked glamorous and the profession appeared to us to be quite adventurous. But that was Ayan Mukherjee’s world. The reality is quite different.

Unlike Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani, professional travel photographers have to work very hard. Some travel photographers have the natural talent to freeze memories from their journey. Others have to do DSRL workshops, watch online tutorials, practice regularly and read books for improving their craft.

Are you a professional travel photographer by any chance? Do you love to explore the exotic place to click beautiful photos? Do you want to improve your craft and click better photos? If so, then these tips are just for you.


1. Capture pictures in the golden hours:

Best pictures are captured in the morning since good light is the best ingredient for photography. The soft and warm sunlight create awesome images. You can easily capture the best shots since only a few tourists will be there in the spot. There are less hustle and bustle in the morning. You’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Wait out till the sunset to get soft and warm tones. The hour before sunrise and sunset are called golden hours. Try to shoot during these hours. You can also click pictures in the ‘blue hour’, which is the time after sunset. You can view the blue sky but city lights are turned on.


2. Choose the right hotel:

Try to select a hotel that is at the center of the city and choose a room from where you can get a panoramic view of the place. This will give you great opportunities to click amazing pictures.


3. Explore the local place: 

The essence of any place can be found in the local market, streets, music, and food. So explore the local market and cuisines. You’ll get pictures of yummy food, busy streets, local people, local attire, etc. Travel by bus or train or taxi if you have time. You can stop at any place, interact with people, and click pictures.


4. Know about the iconic locations:

Read travel guidebooks to know about the iconic places. For instance, if have decided to visit Goa, then use the following tips to know about the potential photo locations.

  • Read travel guide books
  • Have a talk with friends who have visited Goa earlier
  • Explore Instagram and Google image search
  • Interact with other photographers


Once you have collected information about the iconic places, start the next level of your research. Know when you can get the best light, when traffic will be low, when the place has the best weather, when a tourist attraction opens, etc. Proper research will help you save time and take amazing shots without wasting time.


5. Select the manual mode:

Do you think that modern cameras can take fabulous pictures in AUTO mode? You’re wrong. It is true that you can take decent pictures in auto mode, but if you wish to capture stunning photos, then learn to control camera’s setting yourself.

Turn your camera’s dial into Manual Mode. This will give you a better control of the look of the photos in various situations. Adjust the aperture to have a good control over the depth of field in your image. You can also control the shutter speed manually to capture motion in artistic ways.

Last but not the least,

Please don’t carry too much luggage. Travel light. Carry only 2 lenses – one primary lens and one zoom. This will be extremely helpful when you’re hiking and trekking.

Happy Photography!

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