5 Inspiring Indian Women You Need To Know On Women’s Day


Woman – A mystery that still remains unsolved for many. While some women can be exemplary in terms of their behavioral exhibits, some can just be murdered on the streets and nobody cares. As Bob Marley said “No woman No cry” he was so right in pointing out the balance of the Yin and the Yang of nature. Just the perfect balance for the perfect planet. So while this is being sorted let’s just talk about some women who have been remarkably adamant on what they wanted to do – and yes, They achieved it! Read on to know more about these Inspiring Indian Women!

Chhavi Rajawat – The Incorruptible Hand of Womanhood

What do you call a woman who quits a well-paying corporate job and settles at being elected the Sarpanch of a remote, nonexistent village called “SODA “some sixty kilometers from Jaipur? The opinion varies from a big applaud to amazement of the masses! While half of the country speculated this to be a political decision, half the country thought this was a publicity gimmick. Within herself Chhavi Rajawat was sure of what she was doing – Making the world a better place! Her list of achievements is a long one and we salute this woman who stepped out in the open stood right there – Immovable! Listen to what she has to say right here.

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Zila Khan – The Revolutionary

Music is not just about the tunes in symphony. It is about your inner connect. It is about what you feel when that voice touches you. Zila Khan has something about her that is mystic in its own way. The Shake of her head and the hands dancing , or the halt of the breath which she takes while she sings, is just the pause to let your heart skip a beat. Traditional music, conventional poetry and contemporary singing styles- Zila Khan sure is enticing. Listen to a few notes here and keep coming back for more. She was named after a musical note by her father the sitarist – Ustad Vilayat Khan. She was trained rigorously over many years and holds the record of having performed at all the major music festivals of the world.

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Irom Sharmila – War Child

Firm and strong on a hunger strike, she is all of 42 and has spent the last ten years of her life being on a hunger strike. The reason – Revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers ACT (AFSPA). She was all of 28 when she started the strike and it has been more than a decade now. She has been arrested a few times too but nothing seems to make her give away. Fondly called the Iron Lady Of Manipur, Irom Chanu Sharmila , is so worth the title .

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Chanda Kochhar – The Corporate Firebrand

Awarded with a Padma Bhushan Award by the Government of India for her contribution to the Banking Sector, this strong woman has made it to the top 25 Fortune list of powerful women In the Asia Pacific Region. She is now heading the ICICI BANK as the CEO and Managing Director. A simple person at heart, she has been following what her heart says without worrying about the conventions of the society. She has solidified the belief of people that success follows where brains lead – either of a man or of a woman, the head does not matter!

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Ritu Dalmia – Freshly

A chef by choice and a businesswoman by genes, Ritu Dalmia is the woman who can conquer it all. A restaurateur by profession, this woman has attained global fame and her recipes are a hit no matter which country it is. With a smile as good as a sparkle, Ritu Dalmia will keep you happy always. She went to Italy to improvise on the Marble business that had been running in the family for generations, but fell in love with food and since then there has been no looking back. She proudly owns ‘Diva’ in Delhi and is known for her quirky sense of humour apart from the mouthwatering delights.

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