5 Observations On The New Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer That Will Blow Your Mind!

The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Confirms That The End Begins on July 7th. The Trailer has been launched. We bet you will watch the video again after reading this


The Game of Thrones season 7 is about to begin in 50 days and the recently launched trailer has made millions of fanatics around the world go nuts about it. With the Starks reclaiming Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton being fed to his own hounds (Karma boy, Karma!) and Arya massacring House Frey, the last season has been much of a poetic justice for the Starks. The season ended with Cersei taking over the Iron Throne and Daenerys beginning her journey towards Westeros. Now here is what we get to know about the upcoming season from the trailer that HBO released yesterday.

1. Daenerys Reaches Westeros, But Not Without a Battle!

There is a moment in the trailer where we find Theon starring into the darkness with hints of fire behind him. We also get to see an almost burnt ship which clearly indicates an attack confronted by Daenerys’s army at the sea. Though we do not get to know who makes the attack, let us guess that it was Euron Greyjoy’s army trying to stop the Dragon Queen from entering Westeros. But Dany enters Westeros anyways. Sure enough, Euron completely forgot about the Dragons!

2. Battle Between The Lannisters and the Dothrakis

There is going to be a huge clash between Queen Cersei Lannister’s army and Dothraki Blood Riders along with Drogon flying all over the battle field. We have seen Lannister armies fighting in the previous seasons but God! Never did it look THIS good! The battle is definitely going to make the fans go gaga as it seems to be even more spine-tingling than the Battle of Bastards. Also the Unsullied is shown to take over a castle protected by the Lannister army. This place might very well be the much talked about Casterly Rock, the main seat of House Lannister. A later glimpse of Tyrion knocking down a Lannister marker and the Lannister Sigil on the arch under which the combat between the Unsullied and the Lannister armies take place, confirms the possibility of this particular Lannister keep being Casterly Rock.

3. Cersei Has Enemies Everywhere!

The trailer begins with Cersei asking about “enemies to the east, enemies to the west, enemies to the south, enemies to the north.” With every direction she mentions, we get a glimpse of who she is referring to as “enemies”. Daenerys’s army of Unsullied and Dothraki Blood Riders in the east, the Greyjoys in the west, presumably the Sand Snakes in Dorne (we only get to see a sword being sharpened) and Arya wondering alone in the North puts Cersei’s hold on the Iron throne under huge threat. But as unpredictable as she is, she stoically announces “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.”

4. The Dragon Queen Takes Over Dragonstone

Daenerys takes over Dragonstone soon after her arrival at Westeros. Located over the Black Water Bay, Dragonstone happens to be the original seat of the House Targaryen. Robert Baratheon after defeating the Mad King had given it to Stannis Baratheon, his brother. Dany now reclaims her ancestral home. Melisandre seems to be around Dragonstone, as she is seen looking at some people climbing up the winding staircase.

5. Jon Snow Gets to Know About His Mother?

Now this is a just another Fan made theory. Jon is seen to physically confront Lord Petyr Baelish in front of Lyanna Stark’s statue in the crypts. Does Littlefinger know about Jon’s real parents? Will Jon get to know the truth from him? Well, we will have to wait for 50 more days to get the answer.

Also Ser Jorah’s Greyscaled hands shows that he haven’t found a cure yet. We also have some hot stuff going on between Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy. The trailer shows Jon and Tormund running from something in the snowy North. But surprisingly enough, the trailer shows nothing regarding the White Walkers and the Night’s King who have been the primary concern of this season. Bran and Meera are also absent in this trailer.

But amidst so much confusion, one thing alone is clear. THE GREAT WAR IS HERE!!

Check out the Video here.                                         

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