6 Annoying Side Effects of Playing a Song in Loop

Song in Loop

We all love checking out new songs as soon as they are out, don’t we? And whenever we come across that oh-so-awesome-and-relevant track that we just can’t get enough of, we end up adding it to our 1-song-long playlist and letting it run in a loop. However, by doing so, we make ourselves vulnerable to some really annoying side effects. Let’s check them out.

1. Get stuck with misheard lyrics

Songs in Loop 1Misheard lyrics

If you are the kind that concentrates more on the melody of the tune and doesn’t pay enough attention to the words, chances are high that you have got the lyrics wrong. And now that your ears are already conditioned to hear it that way, you are forever stuck with it!

2. Sing out loud every single time

Songs in Loop 2 Sing out loud

Consciously or subconsciously, whenever someone plays the song in your presence, you end up singing along with it in full volume in the exact same manner as the original track, except for the wrong lyrics in the above case. Mind it, this includes the back vocals and the sound effects. Oh wait –the pauses too! This often annoys the hell out of the people around you, more than yourself, as the original track, which they are more interested in, gets drowned in the deluge of your overenthusiastic (and mostly dissonant) performance.

3. Can’t accept any other version

Songs in Loop 3Version mismatch

Since you know the original a little too well, accepting the cover or an improvised live version of the song becomes really difficult. It’s like you are trying to guess what’s coming next but failing every time. Hate that feeling, don’t you?

4. Hum and distort

Songs in Loop 4Stop that humming

So, you think you have escaped the consequences just because you have stopped listening to the song? No. It now haunts your subconscious. Despite your honest efforts to avoid it, you hum it all day long again and again until you are super-bored of the same tune running in your head. So, what do you do next? Of course, you distort it. You let the last line run an extra beat, exaggerate the classical part and sometimes even make mockery of the original style.

5. Suffer from classical conditioning

Songs in Loop 5Nostalgia

If you have been listening to the song while doing something significant, for example, traveling or getting over your ex, then you have successfully made the song synonymous to that situation. Now, whenever again you would hear the track being played, you would be automatically reminded of that situation and vice versa. And if it is related to a not-so-happy memory, the feeling is obviously not great.

6. Hate that damned track!

Songs in Loop 6Play no more

You have finally reached a point where you cannot tolerate the slightest hint of your once-upon-a-time-favourite-song. Just in case you had made it your ringtone as well, then probably your level of disgust knows no bound. However, though it did not end on a good note, you always have the luxury to let it go and move on to the next best track!

If you can identify with any of the above points or have more points to add, please let us know in your comments.

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