6 Killer Pinterest Strategies In Which Viralwoot Can Give Wings to Your Business


In the world of social media marketing, there are very few of us who actually thinks beyond the limits of Facebook and Twitter. Well, if you, the person reading this line, thinks that social media marketing starts with Facebook and ends on Twitter, you are probably thinking on the wrong lines. The Pinterest success story is here to stay and you need to get in the band wagon and make use of what we would call as a treasure trove for social marketers. Ask me why?

  1. Because a pin is likely to much or widely shared/pinned than a tweet
  2. A great pin is visually appealing and it helps building great brands by association.
  3. Pinterest gives you an option of sharing great content not necessarily yours and thus building a social following much easier and it encourages indirect selling.


Again, some of you might be asking, “Facebook is much simpler, and I understand it, but how do you market your blog/website/business in Pinterest?” Ask yourself the below questions, if any of the answers are yes then read further on how Viralwoot can give wings to your brand on Pinterest.

1. Curate Awesome Pins for your board!

The corner stone to a killer brand marketing strategy in Pinterest is definitely curating awesome pins. That’s one of the biggest USP’s that Pinterest gives you to promote your brand. Share similar content with your users, inspire them, give them new ideas and your followers will increase manifold. That’s where Viralwoot comes in real handy.

Pinterest - Curate Great Pins

Viralwoot’s automated features of discovering the best of the best pins, from the world of Pinterest based on your niche categories are presented right there on your screen. And there is a wonderfully automated way of re-pining your favourites on your selected boards everyday does add to its value. You can discover boards, pinners and pins everyday on auto pilot, so that you can just relax and supervise what’s coming on your boards.

Pinterest - Curate Great Pins - Viralwoot

2. Segregate Content & Profile your Brand!

It’s very similar to filing your contents into neatly stacks boards on Pinterest. Yes, that helps showcase the varied categories that your blog, business might cover, Create groups based on your niche domain and understand how your customers perceive your brand. Say, if you have travel blog that you regularly contribute to you may have boards covering various countries you have travelled, like Rome, Paris, Switzerland. Consider having a wider group for Europe, to attract a wider view.

Profile Your Content - Pinterest

3. Make your Content Worthy – Inspiring – Shareable

What meets the eye isn’t necessarily a great pin! You must understand what your audience or fans wants, and create content on what they will love. An engaging picture or a descriptive fashion pin can do wonders if it’s able to engage your user base. Make wish-list pins based on your fans interests and offer them ideas on their passions, which they can follow and take up, thus maximising your shares, likes, comments and pins. Hence you have greater exposure and wider impact. Viralwoot allows you to promote your pins, boards and profiles, to a vibrant user community in the platform, so that everytime someone likes you, it’s a step ahead for you.
Pinterest - Create Shareable Content - Promote - Viralwoot.JPGPinterest - Create Shareable Content - Track Promote - Viralwoot.JPG

4. Yes, your pinning frequency does matter – Schedule your pins and be on auto pilot!

To continue building and retaining your loyal base of users and acquire potential ones, it is of utmost importance to post pins regularly and maintaining a predefined schedule.

The two rules of thumb to follow as an effective Pinterest strategy are –

  • There shouldn’t be a long gap without any post as your followers can lose interest and forget your boards. You should be steady and regular.
  • Do not indulge in mass posting in a single session. Unnecessary pinning in one session could irritate your fans and even result in loss of user base.

5. Automate your Pinterest marketing Strategy with Viralwoot


Increase your reach, followers with the Pinterest Automation software. Yes, there are multiple such platforms on the market, but what Viralwoot, provides is quite unique. It allows to select you niche and gives you choices to follows pinners, boards and pins every day to a number you can set to your preference.

Pinterest - Auomate yoour Pinterest Strategy - AutoFollow - Viralwoot

Auto Schedule

Scheduling your pins is an excellent idea and Viralwoot allows you to choose between a custom schedule and an auto schedule option. You can upload images from your computer, or choose to get your images from any of the cloud drives, like Dropbox, Picasa, Instagram, GDrive etc. You can track your published pins on a calendar in the platform, and also manage various sources like RSS feeds, re-pin, Google image search or add any website for pinning etc.

Pinterest - Auomate yoour Pinterest Strategy - Schedule - Viralwoot

6. Use Pinterest Analytics to maximize your gains.

To access your Pinterest Analytics, you must have a business account with Pinterest. You can sign up for a business account or convert your current account. You will also have to verify your account with your website, so Pinterest can effectively track your data. Once you have registered, verified and done with all the necessary stuffs, allow Pinterest a couple of days, to crawl/index your site.

Pinterest - Auomate your Pinterest Strategy - Analytics- Viralwoot

Viralwoot aides you in understanding your pins data, by giving you ‘Pinfluence Score’ and summary of your totals pins, followers, boards etc. The upgraded version of Viralwoot, allows a detailed description of boards data, besot pinning time, based on your audiences and post contents.

So in summary, use Pinterest for what it has to offer! And what it offers is beyond what you have in Facebook or Twitter.  If you have a business that’s visually appealing, or if your business is all about creativity, ideas and innovative brainstorming, there’s nothing better than a killer Pinterest marketing strategy to benefit you.


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