6 Places In Europe That You Have To Visit Before You Die!

To travel Europe is "worth any cost or sacrifice"...


Europe is the hottest and the most compelling destination for all the itchy feet around the world. It might be the second smallest continent but the alluring cities of Paris and Rome or the exotic beaches of Santorini can be infectious and might make you want to stay there forever. The beauty of Switzerland is as enchanting as the literature of Britain. There can be a never ending list of the attractions that Europe can offer but here are six places that you just cannot afford to miss.



Start your day with a stroll around the Charles Bridge in the City of Spires and let the Baroque architecture and the silhouette of the Prague Castle in the background seduce you. And when you are done taking some air, look around the Prague Castle, the largest Castle in the world. If you are on a honeymoon then rent a paddle boat and look around the appealing city with your partner. There are various tourism companies that will help you to make a great itinerary. Also do visit the Astronomical clock and Jewish Quarter while in Prague.

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Italy always reminds me of Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and the Dan Brown movie locations. This exquisite country will smite you hard with wanderlust and teach you the “sweetness of doing nothing” at the same time. Stand in the middle of the Piazza di San Pietro, walk in the Gladiator Tunnels of the Roman Colosseum, sit, relax and make a wish at the Trevi fountain and look around the multifarious Piazzas. Carry Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons with you to guide yourself through the Vatican City or take a look at the Europe Tour packages to plan your stay in Italy. And if nothing else lose yourself in the magnificence of the City of Rome. Also Rome is where Keats had spent his last days. So in case you are a fan of John Keats like me, go visit the house of the “one whose name was writ in water”.

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There can be a huge bucket list for Amsterdam. You can simply take a walking tour of the city and exult in the beautiful neighborhoods of Jordaan Street and Vondelpark. Visit the Anne Frank house and skate the canals if you are visiting Europe during winters. There are numerous street markets like Albert Cuypmarkt and flower markets and Cafes to visit. And remember not visiting the Van Gogh Museum while in Amsterdam is blasphemy.

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The hugely popular Greek Island, Santorini, offers the most mesmerizing sights of sunsets, white-washed buildings and multicolored cliffs. Get up to the village of Pygros, officially known as the highest point in Santorini and while having a cocktail at the Franco’s Café-Bar, enjoy the stunning view of the entire island. And if you have to visit only one beach make sure you visit the Red Beach. The contrasting colors and the shape of the beach never fails to charm the tourists. Wander in the streets of Thira, the capital of Santorini. Taste some wine at Santo Wines and while visiting the Museum of Thera let the intriguing history of the cities that were ruined in the volcanic eruptions of 1613 BC fascinate you.

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How can you not visit Paris while touring Europe!! Beauty and fashion are always the passion in the City of Lights. Enjoy and admire the panoramic view of the city from the Eiffel Tower. Have meals at the Modern Bistros and let the massive Louvre overwhelm you. Visit the Arc De Triomphe and take a walking tour in Notre Dame.

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The London Bridge, the Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Hyde Park or Westminster Abbey are only few among the innumerable places that you MUST visit in London. Taste the Brick Lane Curry, shop at the Oxford and Regent streets, take a Red Double Decker Bus ride, and visit the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Finally, Potterheads, don’t forget to explore the numerous Harry Potter locations (like the King’s Cross Station, Piccadilly Circus and Charing Cross Road or the Leaky Cauldron) scattered all around London.

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These are just a few of the wonders that Europe has to offer. You will be surprised as to how many more wonderful places you could explore with the Europe Tour Packages that are on offer. So don’t think, step out, and like the great Wizard said, “pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.’

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