7 Bizarre Rituals That Make Pollution Seem Like A Small Problem!!

Bizarre Rituals

While the world is busy fighting on intolerance and terrorism has penetrated into the alleys and streets, some sects of the world are still busy performing some bizarre rituals that make all other problems of the world seem miniscule! We give you seven of the most bizarre rituals still being practiced around the world!

7. Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings

As a devotion of Lord Murugan, Tamil hindus across the world please their God by ritualistic piercings. Not for the weak hearted but the people can cross any limit to please their Lord!

Where: Tamil Population zones of the world like, South India, Sri lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Mauritius

Bizarre Rituals
ritualistic Piercings

6. Bullet Ant Gloves

This is an initiation ceremony of the Satere Mawe tribe in the Amazon. Now the wierd part is that this has to be done at least 20 times before you are proclaimed a man! The sting of these ants is considered to be as sharp as a bullet and they are sedated and put in a glove. When the ants wake up they are angry enough to kill you and the guy proclaiming to be man has to hold them for ten minutes the minimum wearing the glove!

Where: The Amazon basin

Bizarre rituals
Ant Gloves On hands

5. Wife exchange to confuse Evil Spirits

By exchanging the wives, the identities of the men are believed to be changed and this is done to confuse the evil spirits. Really ? Normal practice in case of catastrophes!

Where: Arctic region of North America and Siberia

Bizarre Rituals
Evil Spirits

4. Burial Ritual Yanomami

The dead are cremated and the ashes and bones are mixed with the soup that is then consumed in the evening by the members of the family and relatives. They believe his spirit will love with them forever!

Where: Brazil and Venezuela

Bizarre Rituals
Drinking Ash and bones Soup

3. Tooth Filing

Celebrated for passing from Puberty to adulthood, this ritual is the biggest in the Hindus Sects in Bali. This ritual helps in people from liberating themselves from evil energies and become sane adults! By tooth Filing ???

Where: Bali

Bizarre Rituals
Tooth Filing

2. Finger cutting of the Dani Tribe

As a way of expression of grief, on funeral ceremonies, these tribes chop of their fingers to cry and wince in the pain that their loved ones may have felt while dying.

Where: West Papua , New Guinea

Bizarre Rituals
Finger Cutting

1. Sky Burials

These people believe that after death, the soul progresses into another realm of energy and therefore the body need not be preserved. This is why they let the bodies rot in the open and become food for Vultures and Falcons.  These Buddhists can just let the dead bodies be!

Where: Tibet

Bizarre Rituals
Sky Burials

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