7 Brilliant Theme House-Parties You Can Throw This Weekend!

theme House-parties

Friends, Music and Drinks – we love the sequence and the saturday nights! Here are seven best theme house-parties that you can plan in two hours flat. Pick up the phone and let the party begin!!

1.Retro Styles

Dimmer lights and polka dots rule this party that plays retro music on the playlist. Add the effect by the attire in bell bottoms and balloon Sleeves. Not to forget the sleek side parted hair styles!

Theme House-parties
Retro themes

2. Disney Theme

This is not the one for children. Just try the Disney hairstyles and the long flowing gowns. This party is a hit. get a sweet cherub to emulate the Minions. Play fairy love songs and ballads to add to the feel!

Theme House parties
Disney We Love

3. Bond We Are

Vodka and Martinis is what you drink of course with the trademark, shaken not stirred with each gulp. Feel like the irresistible Bond with black tuxedos for men and party gowns for women! We bet this is what you will keep repeating!

Theme House-parties
Bond We are

4. The Gangstah’ theme

Coolie, Don, Sholay, OUATIM, Gangster and Kalia is the music DJ list and Dingy lights and a board of cards is just what you need. With suits and play guns, this is wonderful! Trust us when we say the pictures you click in this theme party can be framed!

Theme House-parties
Gangstah Themed Party

5. Penguin Theme

Olives in drinks, Black and White dress code and a sluggish atmosphere is all you need for this. The menu should have pineapples for sure and add the snow with cotton balls. You can’t throw a party cooler than this!

Theme House-parties

6. Tribal Tango

The Barbeque is the main highlight with tribal fusion music and loads of colours. Barbeque and chilled drinks and awesome noise! You may wish to drape the leaves too! We leave that up to you!

Theme House-parties
Ollaaaa olaaaaalooooo uuuu

7. Beaches Galore

Get the colour blue! Cushion covers, the menu and the umbrellas are coloured! The lights are yellow and of course the music is breezy. Get a few fans really spinning fast and Voila, your beach is ready! Cocktails and Beer is what you should serve! Loads of ice please!

Theme House-parties
Beaches in the lobby!

8. Pajama Parties

The comfiest dressed dude gets the prize! You just have to feel casual from within. So there are no formal welcomes and all come dressed in pajamas and shorts. Oh! Add the night suits and unkempt hair please. make up is a no!


Theme House-parties
pajama parties

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