8 Strange Photos That Have No Explanation!! We bet you can’t Unsee them! Dare it?


Nothing that you ever see, would be forgotten! This is why we bring to you the best eight photos that have no explanation and yet exist and will freak you out!

8. Solway Firth Astronaut

A parent clicks a picture of a happy child in the sun sitting in a field. Mind you this is not the digital age and so the photograph, when developed, has a mysterious Astronaut in the background, right behind the girl, that appeared from nowhere! Yes ! You read that Right !

Strange Photos
Solway Firth
7. The Cooper Family Photo

A family gets clicked at the dinner table and they have an unwanted and uninvited visitor who is a bit scary! Ahem! lot scarier than Ghouls and Smeagle!

Strange Photos
The family Photo
6. The Thumb that IS

A group of kids pose for a picture and when it develops it has an extra hand with an extra thumb visible. Why , who and how – no one knows! Not even the photographer!

Strange Photos
Count the Thumbs and Hands
5. Time Travels

A photograph taken in Canada in 1941, when the South Forks Bridge was reopened! You can easily see a man wearing clothes that match today’s style statement and carrying a camera, that is totally impossible to be carried at that time. Yet the Pic is an original!

Strange Photos
How is this even possible ?
4. The World War Ghost

A group of War veterans posed for a group picture that had all of them. Including the ones that were dead in the war! Literally!

Strange Photos
WW Airmen
3. The Strange Madonna

How does one paint a picture in early ages and have a UFO in it? It has a Saint, Madonna and a man and his dog looking up at something! This was painted between 1450 and 1490 and yet this is remotely possible?

Strange Photos
The Madonna and the UFO
2. With the Dead Daughter

When photography was super expensive you could not go click, click , click! and would have to wait for occasions. Birth and death were the most important. Not that you could time the death but certainly the dead could rise to pose besides you! Like in this one!

Strange Photos
Dead can pose
1.Facial expressions

A doctor is electrocuting a man’s face to study expression? Sigh! The humanity!

Strange Photos
Facial Expressions

Stay there till we get you more Creepy Pasta!

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