7 Kolkata Breakfast Joints With A Difference

They are Kolkata's best. Food Joints which serve you breakfast you cannot forget for a long time. A compilation of 7 restaurants with different cuisines.

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1. The Hub – Taj Bengal, Alipore

Well, the Taj needs no introduction. Savour your taste buds in a blatant display of grandeur, the posh companies of the elite and mouth-watering delicacies served at your table.

The Hub, Taj Bengal
The Mother of all Grandeur. The Hub, Taj Bengal

      ♥   Zomato Rating: 4.7 Cuisines: Italian, European, Continental, North Indian and Seafood

2. Piccadilly Square, Alipore/Elgin Road

If you are a sweet tooth and coffee lover, do NOT look elsewhere. This place is probably and unanimously voted to have the best and widest range of desserts across the city. Blessed with an awesome ambience, the food is delicious as far as sweet quotient is concerned. The seating are comfortable with a street lamp at every table, gives you a rustic feeling. So go try out their blueberry cheesecakes or the hot pancakes topped with maple syrup!

Piccadilly Square, Alipore
Piccadilly Square, Alipore

   ♥    Zomato Rating: 4.2 Cuisines: Cafe, Bakery, Desserts, Italian and Continental

3. The Biker’s Café, Elgin Road

This is a one of café in the city of joy and it’s no misnomer. Built for the Gen-X, its bound to give you the vibes the moment you put your foot inside. Leaving aside the wilder décor, it walls adorn stunning bike pictures even the crockery speaks the bike language. If speed thrills you, you are sure to fall in love once again. Set forth today to the smell of the wooden tables, couches, rot iron chairs and into the biker’s paradise.

The Biker's Cafe
Justice to the Name -The Biker’s Cafe

    ♥   Zomato Rating: 4.2 Cuisines: Italian, American, Continental, Mexican, Lebanese and Asian

4. Banana Leaf, Gariahat

If you have the feeling to gorge on Idlis and Dosas one fine Sunday morning, then this is the place to look out for the heart of the city. Bengalis surely love South Indian cuisines no doubt. Different varieties of Dosas and lip smacking spices to the core are sure to bring you down to your knees. Easy on the pocket, it’s an eater’s ‘go for it’ restaurant.

Source: timescity.com
Banana Leaf. Source: timescity.com

    ♥  Zomato Rating: 4.1 Cuisines: South Indian

5. One Way Café, Chowringhee

Fusion Food is the new trend nowadays, and One Way Café sets the trend for it. This is again a clear winner, when it comes to food presentation, ideation and experimentation. If you do not mind experimental food, and you love trying out different combination of cuisines, then this place will NOT disappoint you. Apart from Caesar Salads, pizzas, sandwiches which are just delicious, the baked fish served with orange sauce and vegetables and Baklava, served in four shot glasses with a ‘kheer’ dip and chocolate sauce sounds audacious.

One Way Cafe, Chowringhee
Fusion at its Best. One Way Cafe, Chowringhee
Baklava, One Way Cafe, Chowringhee
Baklava’s Kheer Dip, One Way Cafe, Chowringhee

    ♥ Zomato Rating: 4.1 Cuisines: Cafe, Italian

6. Flury’s, Park Street.

You guys must have wondering where’s that one place I have always known for awesome breakfasts is. Well, your wait should be over by now. It’s the quintessential Flury’s – a blast from the past, their delicious English breakfast that we Calcuttan’s are so proud of. I don’t need to say this but – Yes, you can walk in there any fine morning, and prepared to get pampered.

Flury's, Park Street
Blast from the Past – Flury’s, Park Street

    ♥ Zomato Rating: 3.9 Cuisines: Cafe, Continental, Bakery and English breakfast

7. Café Organica, Ballygunge.

This is one for those, who look at the nutritional information in every food packet they lay their hands on. An eat out that places itself on the niche category, and truly so. With their whole wheat pizza and lemongrass coolers, it cannot healthier and tastier than this. Started by the disciples of Master Choa Kok Sui, a Pranic Healing Founder, this place sans the regular cappuccinos and the mochas is a place is the next best discovery in the city.

Cafe Organica, Ballygunge
For the Health Conscious in you -Cafe Organica, Ballygunge

    ♥ Zomato Rating: 3.8 Cuisines: Healthy Food, Café and Italian

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