7 Most Unusual Schools That Shows How Pampered You Were In Your School Days


Unlike the schools that we have been to, these unusual ones are for the people who have walked a different path. From locations that will fascinate you to unique civilization histories, these schools will leave you amazed. Read on and take a virtual tour of these schools which will make you appreciate your good fortune.

1. Abo Elementary School – The Underground Marvel

Abo Elementary School - unusual schools
Source: www.artesianews.com

Artesia in New Mexico was under the nuclear threat from the Soviet, due to the refinery it had, and of course it’s proximity to the White Sands Missile Center added to the woes. When USA went to war with the Soviet Union, President, J.F.Kennedy, pledged the construction of areas which would be immune to the nuclear threats. A school was built in in this area. Completely equipped with decontamination showers, stockpiles of food, a morgue and a ventilation system, this school is completely underground. Yes! You read that right! Completely underground!

Though it was never used as a Bomb Shelter, because there was no need ever, but the children going here never knew that they were attending elementary school in a bomb shelter.

2. Boat Schools in Bangladesh – The Floating Wonders

Boat Schools in Bangladesh  - unusual schools
Source: inhabitat com

Girls in Bangladesh have no access to education and have to fight a lot of social battles to attend one with dignity. While only the boys are allowed easy access to education, the girls are refused the basic right to education, if the school is too far from their house. Certain climatic issues like heavy monsoon rains and the submerging floods add to the woes of these children too. This was noted by certain Organizations working for the betterment of the children in the country and one such initiative is what successfully morphed into the boat schools.

The concept is simple; if the children can’t reach schools, a boat school will reach out to them. This sounds impractical but has been the biggest initiative so far. Bangladesh now has a way out of illiteracy and it is the Boat schools that have played a major part in it.

3. Dongzhong Cave School China – The Mystics

Dongzhong Cave School China - unusual schools
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While the name itself means “In Cave”, this school was made out of poverty and zilch resources to have a school built in Guizhou district of China. This is the poorest district of China and receives no government support. The community started this school on their own with 8 teachers and 186 students to begin with. The class rooms, the lecture halls, everything has been built in a cave. Such was the conviction to study that some students also traversed a total of six hours daily to reach the school and get initiated into the world of knowledge. Structured inside a big cave with only the cold walls to protect the children, this is what is worth a salute.

There have been repeated attempts by the Head honchos in Beijing to close down this magnificent effort of man translated in to the cave school. And the reason they state is as ambiguous as their own identities –“China is not a society of cavemen”! Duh!!!

4. Gulu Elementary School – In The Laps of the Clouds

Gulu Elementary School - unusual schools

A little known village in the Sichuan province of China, this school is in the clouds! While the school has five buildings and a superb basketball court, the trek to this school from the base of the mountain takes five hours; all this humungous effort for the bright future of the little children who take little steps to reach this school every day. This school came into existence in the 1980’s and is still run by a single teacher. When a child accidently injured himself while looking around for a toilet, this lone teacher rallied the villagers and gained some funding. This was used to make the toilet IN the school and also the basketball court which they have superbly made out of unused blackboard. Though the children need to be super conscious while playing a short game; they may accidentally throw the ball off the mountain! Little children meandering their ways through the zig-zag walk ways and the narrow harrowing cliffs – the effort it takes to be educated and we complain on no air-conditioning in government schools in India!

5. Harvey Milk High School – Of A Different Taste

 Harvey Milk school - unusual schools
Famously named after the San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk, this school is unusually designed for serving Gay, Lesbian  and Transgender students, in a positive and safe space. While this school was initially started as the local initiative by many people who were facing harassment in public schools for being of a different orientation, it is now recognized and a full fetched institution. If you have followed the “Law and Order TV series”, in episode 4 of Fallacy, the private detective mentions this school while discussing a transgender woman. It has attained global fame and many people are enrolling their children into this school. Whether this school is a sane decision or not remains a question unanswered but the fact is that an admission into this school does segregate people on the basis of sexual orientations, which definitely is not positive!

6. Witch School – Potter Mania

 Witch school - unusual schools
If J.K. Rowling is your icon and the Hogwarts your dream destination, you need to attend a class or two here at the Witch School. While there are many Witch Course Modules that you can seek an online admission to, this school is a physical location where you can learn a thing or two about Witch Craft. This school caters to the witches and their education throughout the world.This school was shifted from its earlier location because of the unfriendly nature of the locals around who would keep sprinkling Holy Water to keep safe. Salem Witch Trails – Do you recall it? This is why the school has now been shifted to Salem, Massachusetts, largely due to the friendly Witch community. An unusual community it is!

7. Burgess Hill School – The Free School

This is a tie breaker for sure! The vision and mission statement of this school is quite alienated from the concepts of discipline and rules of the usual schools. Here, the school allows a child to seek inner self and decide upon the good and the bad. So what’s the difference then? Almost all schools make you do that. But here you do not follow a moral policing rule book and the strenuous lectures from the peers to help you identify the right and the wrong. You decide it after experiencing the good and the bad – first hand! So while you are allowed to smoke in the classrooms and let the dogs in during a class lecture, it is expected out of you to learn the right path of life on your own. Each one of us has that inherent desire to try what has been forbidden as per the conventions, and that is what  this school brings about- A change from within! Adam did it too!

So while you and I crib about the ills of modernization and the lack of amenities in the schools, there are some little feet somewhere, walking for miles in treacherous conditions, a free mind floating in the abundant boundaries of knowledge, without any restrictions or judgments.  

And the next time you complain about your school and titter-tatter the educational system, recall this post. You will feel a way lot more positive about things!

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