7 Strange Places In India That Completely Defy Logic And Scare You!

Strange places in india

That India is a land of mysteries is not unknown but we give seven such places that will have you scratching your head for good. Neither spooky or haunted, just the history that is distorted! have the Zing in you? Well plan a visit to these strange places in India that defy logic and share your experiences with us!

1.The Abandoned Village – Kuldhara

Located in Rajasthan, this is an old village that was inhabited by the high class Brahmins in the earlier times. And suddenly one Night, they all Fled! Why – no one knows! How – no one knows. They also left it with a curse that this place would never be inhabited in the future and this is how exactly it is till now! Abandoned and forlorn!

Where is it: 18 Kms from Jaisalmer

Strange places in India
The abandoned Kuldhara
2. Twins and Triplets – Kodinhi

What do you call a village that has just births in the form of twins! Why just twins and why not one child? Well no one knows. Some women of this village were married of to the other villages to break this custom but those women also bore twins!

Where is it: 40 kms from the Calicut Airport

Strange places in India
Twins and triplets We are
3. The Skeletons and Bones – Roopkund

A lake that was covered with Ice melted with global warming and out came swarms of skeletons and disintegrated bones. Why these skeletons were buried in ice, who these people were and why a mass death happened, No one knows!

Where is it: 34 Kms from Loha Jang Pass

Strange places in india
Skeletons and Bones
4. Music to the ears – Vittala Temple Complex

This temple in Hampi is one of the reasons that mystic exists. Now there are pillars in temples everywhere but in 56 pillars, a musical emanates when you slightly tap them. Imagine the Humm and tune of the synchronous vibrations of these simple pillars made of granite. The English were so irritated with the secret that they even sliced two pillars into halves to check and found NOTHING!

Where is it: 13 kms from Hopset Junction for Hampi

Strange Places In India
Hampi Musical Pillars
5.  Craters and impacts – Lonar Crater Lake

No mobiles work here and all signals go kaput. Then the organisms found here are unique. Not to forget how the same water can be saline and alkaline at the same time. No one knows what lies at the bottom of this murky lake that was formed with a crater impact

Where is it: 5 Hours from Aurangabad Airport

Strange Places in india
Lonar Crater Lake
6. Immortals of the Himalayas – Gyan ganj

Also called Shangri La, this city exists and cannot be traced on any modern mapping system. Place is inhabited with Immortals who rule the world and guard other secrets.

Where is it: No one knows the exact location and only some Physics and Saints can cross the barriers to this heaven!

Strange Places in India
7. Bird Suicides- Jatinga

In Assma this small destination is just the perfect vacation spot except that every evening hundreds of birds commit a suicide. No one knows why but just as the sun sets, the birds flock in Hundreds and commit suicides. Let’s say we even have a theory for it, but why the same spot?

Where is it: 100 kms from Silchar Airport, Assam

Strange Places in india
Bird Suicides

Been to any of these or have more to share. We would love to hear from you!

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