7 Things You Could Do During The Winters In India

Winter is nature's way of saying, 'Up yours.'

morning walks

After the humongous electricity bills and sweaty summers, the dip in the mercury is a respite for most of India. Winters in India are special, and to add up to the pleasantries, we have Christmas and New Year joys to light up our lives and probably of a few others who are less fortunate than many. It is almost synonymous with food, fun and frolic. Here is our choicest list of what you could do, during this time of the year.

1. Fair-hopping and Kite Flying

Doesn’t matter which part of India you are in. The winters in India are celebrated with grandeur and diversity spanning the length and breadth of the country. From Kolkata’s very own book fair, to Gujarat’s splendid show of strength during the Rann Mahotsav. You would be tempted to pull a string or two at the kite flying festivals in Delhi – art kites, giant kites, nifty fighting kites – they would all leave you mesmerized with their colors and fervour. The Pushkar ka mela and the Desert festivals in Rajasthan will leave you gasping at the splendour India has to offer. If you are in Mumbai or Bangalore, then you would be spoilt for choices with diverse film/ music festivals, flower shows, car rallies, handicrafts, industrial and trade fairs. With the thrifty winter breeze on your face, and a hoodie inside your backpack, there’s nothing better than what winters in India offer.

Oh, and then, we are sure, you must have heard about Sunburn, Goa? Eh!

Fair Hopping and Kite Flying


2. Go for a roof-top barbeque or pick up your picnic tubs.

If you had been a 90’s kid, you would be more welcoming to this idea. Come winter and you could coax your family to pack in a  thermo tub full of goodies, probably a beer bucket and flock to the various picnic spots in and around the city or maybe to drive for a short round trip at the local beaches. It’s a wonderful feeling, to be outside, basking in the winter which hardly seems to get old. The number of family picnics, office trips, potlucks with friends shoots up significantly in this winter season quite obviously because of the pleasant weather.

Barbeque Picnice Outing


3. Tie the knot this season

Well, if you are planning to start off with a new life, this is the time. The wedding dates are so placed to be in the month of December, that it seems like even the gods were conspiring. The slightest dip in mercury brings along with it the ringing of wedding bells. Facebook timelines turn into a wedding album. Winter weddings are preferred because it is the perfect time to deck up in a heavy silk saree or a three-piece suit, without huffing and puffing in them. And most importantly, make-up stays put!

Indian Marriage


4. Eat your heart out

This one goes out to all the foodies we have here. Your mood is always upbeat; you tend to travel more out in the sun, because it doesn’t kill you and then it automatically increases your appetite. Market places are flooded with fresh produce of exotic fruits and vegetables perfect for a salad alongside the slow roasted chicken. Can’t get any better on a random Friday dinner.  If you have been to Calcutta, sweet shops become more attractive with the ‘nolen gurer sondesh’ (palm syrup dunked) and rosogollas. Come December, you are again left choosing from the variety of cakes – the plum and the fruit cake, the walnut cake, carrot cakes and the mince pies. Absolute paradise! With hundreds of varieties of sweets and savories to choose from, and all the varieties playing easy on the tummy because of the cool weather, the average gastronomic Indian is a happy man in these months.

Christmas Cakes and Cookies


5. Let your hair down in the newest pub around the corner

Not the film buff or the fair hopping types? Never mind, winters have their night long enough, to make the local pubs jostling with enthusiasm. The Christmas and the New Year raging on, the gigs around your town cannot get any quieter. Cram in, into the dark rooms, filled with psychedelic lights, thumping music and that aroma of the single malt, to cheer you up and get you that good night’s sleep. Night life usually hits a peak because this is when India parties to the fullest. Well, that’s our grooviest best.

Pubbing and Whiskey Glasses


6. Go for a morning jog, and get rid of that calorie guilt

That’s actually one good reason to buy off a new set of tracks and the latest GPS watch and it’s a valid excuse as well. Jokes apart, it’s probably one of the most difficult things you would do, getting up at 6 am on a December morning. But it’s worth it and the season can’t get any better, to help you lose those extra pounds from last Friday.

morning walks


7. Catch up on some of the simple joys of life

Watch a movie that you really wanted to see or catch up on an old award show that you missed because your boss wanted your ass on the chair air at 10 pm in the night. Browse the internet, put on your jacket and land up on the book store you went during your childhood days. Call somebody you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Treat yourself to some beaten homemade coffee. Trust me, the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee can make you forget the agony of the missed opportunities in life.

hits and misses of life


There is a lot that you can do during the winters in India if you step outside and let nature take over. So, what are you waiting for?

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