7 Ways By Which Restaurants Fool You Into Placing An Order

restaurants fool you

Have you ever wondered why all menus served at Restaurants seem to be attractive and you immediately place an order?

There are many ways by which the restaurant ensures that you order maximum from the menu to add to the Cheque! Next time You are dining out, beware of these seven things by which restaurants fool you…..!

1.Attractive Menu Colours

Psychologically, red would make you feel the hunger pang and anything against a Blue Background would calm you down. This is why the combination of the menu colours and formatting is important!

restaurants fool you
Attractive Colours

2. Menu Writing

Any menu item placed in Bold and highlighted seems to be more important and better than the rest. This is why “Speciality of the Day” is normally showcased on Fliers!

restaurants fool You
Adding Importance with Fliers

3. Never ask for the Best item

By doing this, the waiter serving you would recommend a dish that has not been sold enough that day

restaurants fool you
Ask for specifications

4.Eating Fresh

Ask the waiter to change an essential component of the dish you have selected. Like removing spices or oil. Chances are that they will not serve what has already been made, but make it fresh for you!

restaurants fool you
Eat Fresh

5. Menu placement

When you open the menu, the eye first falls on the upper right hand corner, and that is where the most expensive items are placed, so that the rest of the menu seems to be normally priced!

restaurants fool you

6. Pictures

What is being served to you never looks exactly like the picture in the menu. Blame photoshop for it, but records show that better looking items sell better.

restaurants fool you

 7. Limited Options

Normally seven menu items would be placed under each category. Else the big chaos of confusing choices is what happens!

restaurants fool you
Limited Options

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