These 8 Amazing Facts That Will Completely Bowl You Over!

Amazing facts
Women and Pictures

Yeah! We are all educated and all that, yet there are so many things that you would have never even thought of; forget knowing that they existed! Tadtoonew comprises a list of random, mind blowing and amazing facts to amuse you into splits !

Read on for a bewildered look for the day!

1. White House Is Not Free
Amazing facts
The White House

While it seems to be the topnotch seat in the world, the President is supposed to pay for his food and expense every month. Does that make him rich? Just remembered Gerard Butler in “Olympus has Fallen”, undoubtedly one of the best American President Movies!

2. You Definitely Should Drink Beer!
Amazing facts
Beer is Essential!

All the 13 elements that are essential to life are collaboratively found in beer! So much for the froth and the Ice !

3.  You Should Sign Up For This Course…NOW!
Amazing Facts
I want to be the Batman

University of Victoria has a full fledged, registered and degree-awarded Batman Science course! Yes, Grab your cloak and be ready to stick on the buildings, nocturnally of course!

4.  Making Millions On A Jingle?
Amazing Facts
Happy Birthday!

The Copyright owner of the childhood song, the basic longevity version of “Happy Birthday To You”, makes $2 million a year just with the copyright. Imagine they do not even have to sing it!

5.  Restaurants Earn More If They Play Slow Music
Amazing facts
Slow Music Makes You Eat More

So, enter a restaurant and if you find slow music playing in the background, immediately take an about turn and run away! Restaurants that play slow music make customers buy around 40% more food than normal intake. Does that mean, the kitchen in your house should play Metallica?

6. Women And Pictures
Amazing facts
Women and Pictures

The obsession of women for getting pictures clicked in not unknown. Add to it the useless invention of the Selfie sticks and you can see nothing but women around posing, clicking and posting. but did you know that 80% of all the photos on Internet are of nude women. Can someone answer why?

7. You Need To Buy A DOG
amazing Facts
Dogs and men

Taking a doggy dear for a walk? Chances are that you will ask for a number from a babe and get it! Studies have proven that for men who have a dog with them, the chances that a woman will share her number increase by three times. So the next time you are hitting on someone, take your doggy with you!

8.  How Old Is Coca Cola?
Amazing facts
Coca Cola

This black Magic Woman in a Red Tin has been ruining health for ages now!  We bet you did not know that Coca Cola is just 31 years younger than Italy. Now that is really Long!

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