8 Child Prodigies Of India To Shock You With Their Talent

    Child prodigies of India

    Ever met a gifted child with a talent beyond any explanation? We give you 8 child prodigies of India who would really make you proud. How many of these talents can you beat?

    1.Ajay Puri- Computer Geek

    We all pooped and pee-ed when we were two years old and that all we knew! This brilliant lad could use MS office including word and Powerpoint and could also send emails at the age of Two years. At 17 now, his capability can not be imagined!

    Child prodigies of India
    Ajay Puri

    2. Akrit Jaswal- The Surgeon

    What do you call a brain with an IQ of 146 who could speak and walk at 10 months and conducted a full blown surgery at the tender age of Seven? Yea! We know you are wondering how this is even possible?

    Child prodigies of India
    Akrit Jaswal

    3. Kautilya Pandit – General Knowledge

    Ever known a child who is an encyclopedia? Well this little brain sure is. In fact also called the “Mini Encyclopaedia”, this six year old knows GDP, economies and geographies of 213 counties on the tip of his tongue. At six remember even holding a book properly?

    Child Prodigies of India
    Kautilya pandit

    4. Keshava- Music

    With a Spell binding performance at the Commonwealth games in 2010, this little Table maestro can wave magic with this hands. We all loved his hair that dance with the performance!

    Child prodigies of india

    5. Kritin Nithiyanandam – Medicine

    While half of the world is putting old people into old age homes for Alzheimers, this brilliance redefining child developed a potential test for the diseases all at  the soft age of adolescence.

    Child prodigies of India

    6. Sushma Verma – Education

    A lucknow little girl at the age of 13 she has already graduated and is now pursuing her Post graduation. The father is a class 8 drop out and mother never went to school. This girl is now about to complete the PG in wait…. Microbiology!!!!

    Child prodigies of India
    Sushma Verma

    7. Shorya Mahanot – Art

    Painters always mesmerize but this Picasso at the age of 7 can can paint better than Picasso. You see his paintings and you wonder where it came from?

    Child prodigies of India

    8. Priyanshi Somani – Mathematics

    We hate maths and so adore this kid who at the age of 6 competed against 37 children almost twice her age and won the Maths whiz Kid Competition. In a mental calculation World Cup competition she was asked to calculate the square root of two 6 digit numbers and she did it in 2 minutes 43 seconds (mental calculation). Tell us why she should not be called the Calculator?

    Child prodigies of India
    Priyanshi Somani

    Wonderfully gifted, while these children make us proud, are we doing anything as close to this?

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