8 Heartfelt Responses On What Are The Most Beautiful Things About Being A Woman

8 Heartfelt and honest responses from the independent Indian women of today!

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When Neil Diamond sang, “You will always be a woman to me”, it hit me hard. It’s hauntingly beautiful, yet gives us a sense of realism to those who are tending broken hearts. Yes, they are often misunderstood and taken for granted in this very world, which have been borne by them. It has been their hands which has rocked the cradle for innumerable sleepless nights, yet they have been often left wanting of love. We took an opinion on what people think are the most beautiful things about being a woman? Their answers cried out in unison and probably some of them would make us snap out of our shells.


A woman is considered a reflection of true beauty, selfless love, kindness and compassion. And to be all that is the most beautiful thing that could be.

 – Hema


The most beautiful thing about being a woman is the superpower of being able to grow another life inside you..and rock the cradle with those own hands.

– Chitra


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I’ve been thinking about this question the entire day and I have come to NO CONCLUSION. I mean, I don’t know.
Maybe its being called beautiful with heartfelt honesty. Maybe its being able to have all the attention in the room. Maybe its being able to be daddy’s little girl. Maybe its being able to be everything. Maybe its to have someone make you feel special. 

I don’t know. There is a lot to being a woman and its beyond words. But it’s all beautiful. – Ria 


She can sublimate lives if she is kind. Or destroy if she’s a bitch.

– Swati


Selfless love and the will power to put herself  through pain.

– Anchal


To love more ,to love higher, to love better, way way better!!!

– Deepal

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The most beautiful thing about being a woman? Frankly, I don’t know!I guess that, being a woman –

I can be everything. That is what makes my womanhood special in many ways.

I can be a wonderful (or annoying) daughter, a supporting (or idiotic) sister, a caring (or stupid) wife, a loving (or irritating) mother, a generous (if not, a teasing) friend.

I can be a modern woman, a citizen of my country, a member of this world doing my own bit for some good thing.

I can be a teacher, fly a plane, scale a mountain or be a crazy colleague making faces to another one while they are presenting a project!
Every life is precious and beautiful and every woman is beautiful. And it feels pretty beautiful to be a part of such a gender itself!

– Sukanya


She’ll always hear you out. No matter how long your rant is.

She’s very competitive and won’t let anyone look down upon her.

Multi-tasker! She holds boardroom meetings one instant, changes her baby’s diaper the next. She’s the student, she’s the mom, she’s the wife, she’s the boss!

You can always count on her. Be it editing an important paper or helping you out with what to wear on your first date.

She is always proud of your achievements and even if it may seem otherwise, she always wishes the best for you.

Accept it! Women are more giving and selfless.

The tenacity, the love, the fragility, the boldness, the sensuality. What’s not to love?

– Harshitha

What do you think about the woman you like or love or live for? Do you think you appreciate her enough to let her know what makes her feel special to you? What makes you go boing boing? What do you think are the most beautiful things about being a woman? Do share with us…

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