8 Invisible Countries That Exist And You Never Knew About Them!

invisible Countries

There are countries you can easily place a finger on, and then there are invisible countries that exist in reality and no one knows about them. Whether these attempts to not let people know about these countries are intentional or not, they exist and have populations. Lets take a look at Eight of them!


This country was formed in 1947 and accounts for 45% of Pakistan. While pakistan does not recognize it, the people claim the right to their land and also prove that the British before leaving the country had segregated it!

Invisible Countries

2. Chinland

Tell us you have never heard of it and we say ” yes we know!” Not many know about this country that is home to 1.5 million people and lies on the edge of Myanmar, has 63 Tribes speaking more than 20 languages. This country has just one thing that binds it – the grievance against Myanmar!

Invisbile Countries
Chin and the Land

3. Sovereign Military Order of Malta

This is an opposite case where in there are passports and diplomatic relations with other countries of the world, yet this country has no territory. We wonder how that is even possible but there has to be some way because this country also has a Permanent Observer status in the UN! Whoa!

invisible Countries

4. Christiania

This is a small enclave in the heart of Denmark. While this country was not needed, but the 850 settlers declared their country independent in 1971. Denmark has also turned a blind eye to the activities here and does not interfere much. Smoking Cannabis is legal here!

Invisible Countries

5. Atlantium

Consider a remote corner in Australia which is occupied by more Kangaroos than people. It even has a capital city called Concordia. Now the special part is that you neither need to be born here nor should you have a link, anyone anywhere can become a national of Atlantium!

Invisible Countries

6. Elgaland- Vargaland

Practically translating to all the “no man’s land” between the borders of two countries anywhere in the world, this country exists in bits and pieces all across the globe. So whenever you have travelled abroad, you have crossed this country, possibly more than one time!

Invisible Countries

7. Republic of Murrawari

In Australia in 2013, a group of local people served the Queen the notice to respond to their claim over their land and gave her 30 days to answer it. When she did not, they just simply reclaimed their land and it now exists even though it is not officially recognized.

Invisible Countries
The Republic

8. Degar

This country lost its existence to Communalism. A settlement of Christians, they fought against the Vietnamese and found help with the French who gave them their territory in return for their loyalty. Today the area does not exist but the citizenship still does!

Invisbile Countries

While we let you explore these places on a Globe, read the next post for mind blowing facts!

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