8 Beerful Micro Breweries In Bangalore To Keep You Beerful This Weekend!!

Micro Breweries In Bangalore

Pubs and Microbreweries, the concept is not new but is now being explored. Tadttonew brings to you the best Micro Breweries in Bangalore that you have to visit this weekend to taste the city known for its life and zeal!

1. The First and the Best – The Biere Club

The Posh and busy Lavelle Road lines the entrance to this pub. A visit is a must if you like your lights dimmed over wood. Try the Wheat Beer, Apple Ale and Barleywine among the other options. For the strong livers, the Belgian Strong Ale should be perfect.

Micro Breweries In Bangalore

Find your table: 20/2, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road

2.  A Hangout with the Locals – Toit

Charmfully and rustically western, this BrewPub is the hangout where the locals flutter. Add to it the smart and funky names of the serves and you are totally sorted in the evening. For those who wish to experiment with their capacity, let your senses indulge in the Dark Night, and if you like it soft and light, the Basmati Blend should leave you with a taste that lingers!

Micro Breweries In Bangalore

Find Your Table: The Hundred Feet Road

3. Beerfully light on the Pocket – The Big Pitcher

Everything here is worth a try and with a big pitcher priced at just INR 275 onwards, trust us when we say you can actually try everything. Beautiful interiors and a friendly menu grace your presence. A must visit for the taste of a real beer within a ship themed pub!

Micro breweries In Bangalore

Find Your Table: L R Arcade, Old Airport Road, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra

4.  For creativity and work – Arbor Brewing Company

Now you cannot blame the beer for keeping you away from work. With free Wifi to all the patrons, this place makes you creative and innovative. Quite literally and risky though! We leave that choice to you while you sip your beer gladly read, type, work or make graphs that otherwise can kill you!

Micro Breweries In Bangalore

Find Your Table: Allied Grande Plaza, Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar

5. Live and Jazzy – Windmills Craftwork

If you are in bangalore and not been here yet, you have missed a tonne in your life. Need we say more? Call them and book a seat for the best live music in the city with cosy seating and a plush balcony. To push you further, we tell you that you can dunk in the Balcony too!

Micro Breweries In Bangalore

Find Your Table: EPIP, Whitefield 

6. For Those Tired after Shopping – 3 Monkeys

With a strategic location inside a shopping mall, this place is always full. Quite so because shoping tires you and then there is no better reason except telling your partner that you need to sit for ten minutes and before they come to know, you have placed the order …. Voila!

Micro Breweries in Bangalore

Find Your Table: Gopalan Signature Mall, Old Madras Road 

7. Romance and You – The Barleyz

One of the places where Romance does not spoil the beer. This place is specifically for those who like good food with their beer. Awesome is the word if you wish to try their food as well. Well made and well designed, you should really date out here!

Microbreweries in Bangalore

Find Your Table: 100 Feet Rd, Koramangala

8.  Rooftop and the Stars – The Brewsky

If you can die for beer, you can surely die for the view here with the beer in your hands. Totally captivating , this rooftop adds the zing that you may have not felt in a long while. Simply amazing in the perfect weather, you cannot ask for a better customer service!

Micro breweries In Bangalore

Find Your Table:  Right on the JP Road

Have more places listed in your diary? Share the details in the comments section with us ! We love to hear from you!

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