8 Things We As Indians Need To Chill About Like NOW!


Keep screaming intolerant India from the rooftops defaming communities and the entire population, but stick to the narrow minded and conservative thought lines which should definitely be called INTOLERANT. We give you the latest fads that we as Indians Need to Chill about …. Immediately!

8. Highlighting the LGBT Community…

Really, why is it such a hot Hush Hush Topic?  Let them take care of themselves. See Basically, if we can’t make it better for them, let’s not worsen it either!   Their Life, their choice… let them be!

Let EveryOne Be

7. Public display of affection and the Aversion to it…

What is wrong with decently holding hands or a bear hug on a street? Not that India needs to become France and allow intimacy on the streets, but every hug or a kiss on the forehead does not really have hidden agendas!  Believe us or not, but in rural India a married couple does not even walk together! DUH!

Aversion to Display of Affection

6. Gender Police and Moral Bindings…

Yes we know that Valentine’s Day is not Indian and neither is Friendship Day! But is vandalism and moral policing really required? How about letting people decide what all they want to celebrate and spend a year in merry making with something or the other?   It’s just fun sake after all! No one is converting for God’s Sake!

Moral Policing… Seriously???

5. Inter-religion marriages…

Dear India, with divorce rates plummeting rocket high in our traditional conservative society ( Oh! let’s also blame the career and financial independence of women for it!!), let two people be happy together and raise tolerant families. Let India Be!

Marry for happiness

4. Feminism…

That this country is becoming unsafe every day is accepted! But then there are other crimes like cyber fraud and theft increasing too! Lest we forget to mention Murders!! Then why should feminism be concentrated at male bashing and why change the constitution to blindly support one gender?  We need equality against male supremacy, not reverse matriarchal Society!

Feminism And Equality

3. Sense of Humour…

Crack  a joke on an influential person and chances are you are getting all your bones broken. Resent a political motion and suddenly you should go to neighbouring countries. Create a gig on something and you are labelled as a mannerless, shameless nincompoop who needs to hide!  Pride in democracy, where is the Fundamental Right to Expression of Freedom!

Tolerance for Humour

2. Career Choices…

What’s the eyeball popping reaction if a woman is a bus driver or an OLA Cab driver. Did we just mention Feminism? Why is being a chef not good by the way?  Or are the doctors and engineers really earning good? As if we don’t know!

Career Choices

1. Religion…

Religion in India and any discussion against it is almost fatal. But is religion not just a way of life? Or does it necessarily have to be license plate we show before we speak up.  It’s religion, not life and death! India is secular… remember?


Secular Indians

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