7 Unusual And Embarrassing Deaths That Killed People!!! Really !!

Embarrassing Death

Lying on a bed and counting the final days of life is too common. We give you 7 unusual and Embarrassing deaths stories that killed people. Banging a toe or just a twig stuck in the throat, the pettiest thing was fatal. Read on for more!

Jack Daniels …. The Whiskey “Keep walking” Man!

In frustration never kick your foot! Atleast beloved Jack was killed with this. He banged his foot on the safe. The infected wound, first ate his foot, then the leg and then finally killed him in 1917 with blood poisoning and died an Embarrassing Death!

Embarrassing Death
The JD
Adolf Frederick- Swedish King

Imagine eating so much that you die. Well, at least Adolf-His highness did. Died of a stroke after eating too much! What an appetite!

Embarrassing Death
Henry Houdini – Magical Blows

A student comes on the stage where the magician is performing and delivers a couple of blows on the abdomen area to test Henry’s claim of being able to take any number of punches on his abdomen. Henry died a few days later with a burst appendix.

Embarrassing Deaths
The magical Blows
Draco – The Most loved

Literally killed with love and excessive love, Draco delivered a speech and the people loved it so much that they threw hats and capes as a gesture of jubilation only to suffocate the poor soul to death!

Embarassing Death
Draco LOved to Death
Aeschylus- and his Turtle

What do you call the death of one of the greatest philosophers in the world? Tragic! Now what would you say when you come to know that he dies because a random eagle dropped a random turtle on his head! OUCH!

Embarrassing Deaths
Killed by Turtle
Sunandha Kumariratana – Touch me not

The Princess of Thailand was forbidden to be touched at all. So much so that when she was drowning, none of the soldiers rescued her because they were not allowed to touch her! Seriously ???

Embarrassing Deaths
Touch me not
Kurt Godel-  Starvation

He was paranoid of being poisoned and decided to eat only what his wife would make for him. So he refused to eat anything when his wife was hospitalised. And died – Of Starvation. Sigh ! These mathematicians are true nerds!

Embarrassing Deaths
Mathematics can kill

 That is why live life to the fullest. You never know even a pea Pod may kill you! 

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