8 Ways In Which The Most Feminine Indian Women Ruined Feminism!


We agree that India needs more feminism per say. But we want feminism, not what the normal understanding of the misjudged word is! Undoubtedly it angers many men and other women who do not agree with some common notions of the Word. here are eight ways in which Indian women totally killed the concept.

1. Seek Reservations

Now a woman who is pregnant or a man who is old needs a reserved seat in public transport. By claiming the concept of seat reservations and compartment reservations, Women claiming their fame to feminism tend to forget that it makes them appear weaker. Obviously, if women are at par with men, why need reserved seats?

This is Not Equality that feminism claims to CLAIM!
Reserved Seats

2. Too loud and Noisy

The only way to make someone hear you out is by talking to them, making them understand the plight of women in some parts of the country and debating rationally on the term. By blasting out on Social media, such attempts are being blatantly ignored and come out loud and battering.

Feminism needs a global platform to be spoken on, Not shouted upon on Social media!
Social media

3. Feminism slides between strength and fragility

So a feminist needs to be satisfied with rights and opportunities equal to men, but at the same time they need to be comforted and pampered too. Now is that not being emotionally fragile and weak? Seeking equal opportunities is good, but then travel, work timings and work hours should not be a constraint!

Strong Feminists need No Shoulders to cry upon!
Pamper me Specially

4. My Choice Video was a Wrong Message

Fighting against female Foeticide and Child marriages is perfect. We need more of this. But how is cheating on the boyfriend empowering women? Neither does showing the Bra Strap empower a woman!

Empowerment is Strength and Gravitas!
My Body My Choice

5. Cursing an entire gender and then expecting support

How is this even remotely possible? Curse an entire male gender for the low stooped sins of some and then expect the same gender to support the Voice? Women empowerment has to make the men and women fight their gender wars to attain equality and not be pitted against each other!

Feminism is conjoining with the other gender, not fighting against it!
Join hands


6. Feminism a Revolution or a Fad

For the heck of it, Feminists would wear short clothes and dare the entire community, indulge in activities and then behave as rebels for no rhyme or reason. More of a Fad now! And those women who do not cohabit such traits are sympathized with? A woman happy in her house is as good a feminist as the ones shouting aloud!

Feminism is a movement. It does not need to be Cool!
Feminism has a meaning

7. If you can crack a joke, then take one too

So all Feminists hate men? No that is just a myth! But yes, each feminist may be extra cautious with men around. Chivalry may become hitting upon and courtesy may become ” being chipku”!

Well behaved men do exist!
Chivalry Does Exist

8. Matriarchy supersedes Patriarchy

We need to end patriarchy is fine! Agreed! But demands are rising for granting supremacy to matriarchy. Now that is unfair! We need equality not supremacy of one over the other!

Feminism is equality not reverse Dominance!
Redeem Feminism


Of course we let you take the final call! meanwhile, if you have some more instances where in Feminism is contradictory,type- on in the comments section!

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