8 Weird Jobs Around The World That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Own Job

weird jobs around the world
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While jobs are meant to pile up stress on you, there are certain jobs which are absolutely fun. Err, not all though! Presenting some of the most weird jobs around the world, that are sure to make you go bonkers. And yes it’s not just about the passion, they often end up paying a fat paycheck as well. Forget about astronauts, doctors, neurosurgeons and all those weighty professions, you dreamt about as a child, and consider these for a moment!

[dropcap type=”1″]1[/dropcap]”Paid Protesters” – They are simply everywhere and they don’t really mind as long as the cash flow is on.

Paid Protesters - weird jobs around the world
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Over 100,000 Chinese Citizens jammed the streets of Hong Kong to exert the right of democracy. And to break the effect, the Chinese government engaged a fleet of protesters who were paid to protest. You read that right! Buses filled with anti-protesters showed up on the scene just as the protests were heated up! So in addition to copies of everything that is manufactured, now the protesters are also fakes!

[dropcap type=”1″]2[/dropcap]”Organ Harvesters” – So you thought, you are not worth a dime? Think again.

Organ Harvesters - weird jobs around the world
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Organ Transplants – the latest medical trend! Nobody wants to die. While the waiting list of the organs are increasing every day, only some manage to be lucky! So patients who are terminally ill and some convicts facing execution in many countries opt for becoming organ harvesters and make good money out of if before their life ends. It might sound weird but this trend has been steadily increasing for the last few years. It’s a success!

[dropcap type=”1″]3[/dropcap]”Pet Food Taster” – Err! I bet they must be paying a fortune, for someone to do that.

Pet Food Testers - weird jobs around the world
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While it may sound very gross to some, this is actually a full fetched job! Some pet lovers firmly believe that if you can’t taste the dog food, don’t expect your pet to eat it either. So many people eat doggy food for making a living. They eat dog fritters, cookies and chewy bones among many other Dog delicacies. Some eat liver mixtures too. It does sound strange enough to be categorized as a job, but then many testers are employed to do so professionally. If it’s not you and me, somebody has got to do it!

[dropcap type=”1″]4[/dropcap]”Face Feelers” – Absolute Bizarre!

Face Feelers
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How can beauty companies so blatantly claim that the usage of their products offer you the best skin? How do they know what it feels like after someone has used a certain product? Very simple! They hire people to test their products and then narrate the experiences. Many cases of severe skin allergies have been reported to the major brands of cosmetics, but enthusiasts do take up this job for making quick money. And they keep feeling their skin all day apart from using the best of cosmetics every day !

[dropcap type=”1″]5[/dropcap]”Troll Armies” – Now we know, the reason behind this new internet jargon.

Troll Armies - weird jobs around the world
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For all of you who love commenting on the trolls and creating havoc, did you know that you can make a good living out of it? Though it may sound amusing but ‘Troll Wars’ are actually being waged against countries for defamation and humiliation. While being employed you are expected to post favorable comments on the suggested ones and humiliating comments on the rival trolls. So basically you would be paid well to fill in the comment boxes and carpet bomb the entire post. Now this is definitely interesting! This is what Russia does to America.

[dropcap type=”1″]6[/dropcap]”Embalmers” – Hell, of a way to make a living.

Embalmers - weird jobs around the world
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These are jobs for the people who care but this does sound a little freaky. While being an embalmer is not someone’s dream job and does not feature as a top listed job, but what would the dead do without the embalmers? Ever wondered who cleans the dead bodies, then drains blood out of them and then redresses them again? Closing any incisions made, pulling out air from the body, arranging the funeral – everything is done by the embalmer and they are mighty well paid for it too. Who says the dead are useless? Embalmers make money out of death and very respectably at that!

[dropcap type=”1″]7[/dropcap]”Professional Snugglers” – The healing touch of a stranger!


Professional Snuggler  - weird jobs around the world
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These people irrespective of their gender can give you a snuggly-cuggly feel for almost 90 minutes at a stretch.  So when you are not in a mood to sleep alone, or may be scared, or unwell with no close association around, just call a snuggler and snuggle off to sleep. While a snuggling session may comfortably last for 3 hours, overnight snugglers are also available. But here, you would have to carry your own snacks and entertainment. This has no element of prostitution into it and is plainly – warm snuggles!

[dropcap type=”1″]8[/dropcap]”Bed Testers” – Pamper yourself, you lazy bum!

Bed Tester - weird jobs around the world
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Now this is a job which is actually fun! What do you call your job if all you are supposed to do in a day is sleep, lie down, jump on the bed and make every possible effort to test its durability? Let’s call it heaven! Yes, Bed Testing is a huge job industry where all the large furniture houses employ people to test beds in terms of comfort and durability. And is a good paying job too! Imaging getting a pay check for just sitting and lying on a comfy bed. But what if the bed is not good? Does it give aches and pains too?

And look at us? Slogging it out and earning, literally peanuts! And oh, yes! do put it in the Comments section, if you think we missed out on some more of these bizarre jobs.

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