9 Types Of Interesting People You Will Surely Find In A Durga Puja Pandal


1. The Fascinated Non Celebrating Lot

So this is the group which is non-bengali, may be foreigners Or Non bengalis Behaving as Foreigners and there OoOooosss’ and Ahhhhhh’s at  every movement of the crowd and with every beat of the dhol is just plain irritating at times!

Durga Puja

2. The I-know-Literature Hipster Cum Intellectual

A normal group discussion on Durga Pujo where in the deeds and karma matter and so should be discussed the life in the hereafter, you would certainly bump into a lad discussing Che Guevara, Kafka or Murakami. carrying the traditional journo look, this hipster can burn his ears on hearing Big Boss and Bollywood!

Durga Puja

3. The Bengali From Kolkata

A whinny fellow mostly irritated,  who just made it to Kolkata for Durga Puja but missed it and just cannot feel satisfied with the arrangements here. The standard statement is ” Do you call this the Pujo? Come to Kolkata and see what Durga Pujo is!”

Durga Puja

4. The DSLR flaunting Types

The brilliance of the Goddess does not need the flashes of your DSLR. Figure out some other subjects for your discussions on exposure and apertures please!

Durga Puja

5. The newly Wed Dada Boudi

Newly wed and completely incapable of being without each other, why can’t you figure out some time together somewhere else? Why would you want to stick together and have the entire life conversation here, in such a crowded place?

Durga Puja

6. Over excited and uncontrollable children

A yell, stomping your feet, a thud, a push and howling! You know you have children around you! Why can’t parents control them while they create havoc in the Pandal? Where are the parents please?

Durga Puja

7. The NRI who has come to attend the Durga Pujo!

Visibly excited but uncomfortable, the NRI Babu has forgotten the rituals and thinks the crowd is mismanaged. Oh! Yea! there are mineral water bottles and the food stalls are clean and hygienic! Will someone please tell them that they were born and brought up here !

Durga Puja

8. The Sari clad Bindi laden scintillating Girls

Almost as if blessed by Maa Durga, the women just look divine. Somehow the traditional attire and the fragrance makes them ‘lovelies’ so blessed and pure. One sight that you should just not miss!

Durga Puja

9. The Romeos of course

Taking the advice too seriously, they actually come to the Pandal just to see the girls and admire the beauty and stare . While some may be cherishing the shyness of their love interests some others just graze around!

Durga Puja

Have more ideas or more things that you have noticed so far. Share them with us in the comments section!

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