‘AGNIPUTR’ – When Agni First Spoke- Mythological Drama With a Twist

‘Agniputr - When Agni First Spoke’ by Author Vadhan

Name of the book : Agniputr – When Agni first spoke

Author : Vadhan

Publisher : Bloomsbury

Number of Pages : 354

Price : Rs. 299

Vadhan, a litigator for quite some time now decided to take up writing as something more than just passion. His first book, ‘Shatru’ has received overwhelming response and is a critically acclaimed fantasy novel. His second book , ‘Agniputr – When Agni First Spoke’, turns out to be equally promising.Often when we read a novel, we start picturing scenarios in our heads. It’s a little different with Agniputr by Vadhan. By the time you complete this book, you’ll have an entire movie in your head.  Aniputr is so well written and with little use of ornamental words that it makes you imagine feebly and voluntarily.

When you pick up the book, it might look like mythological fiction. If mythological fiction is not your cup of tea or coffee, don’t put it back. You are in for a ride. Go ahead, read the synopsis and you’ll be surprised to know that it’s a contemporary thriller. Be a little patient dear reader, for you’re in for more! By the time you’re done reading the book, its only then that you discover that the book is on quantum physics! You cannot help but be glued to the book till the very last chapter.

Agniputr combines the results of what happens when age old mystery combines with a science and law. In the first few chapters, the scene shifts through different eras and varied places but once you’re past these chapters, there is a balance the author has created that won’t let your mind fickle. The story mainly centres around Sutram, a cripple that disappeared from a village to confine to its subterranean womb in order to prevent the apocalypse. Sutram had been confined beneath and congregating immense power. Spoiler Alert : In the third chapter itself we are introduced to SRK (not our King Khan) aka Satyanarayana Raghava Kasavari who initially seems to be the hero of the book but isn’t actually.

The book presents the various cultures of the country carefully, ranging from Rajasthan to Andhra. Besides the mystery factor, the book has elements of quantum physics , thus, targeting a variety of readers.  Vadhan has essentially balanced the elements of mythology, fiction , physics and thrill and has blended them in the right propositions. The reader can’t help but wait to unbolt the puzzle at the end.

Get hold of the book if you want to escape to a illusory world with realism still dominating.

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