All You Need To Know About Net Neutrality In India. Make Your Voice Count!

Net Neutrality in India

If you haven’t figured out the reasons behind the hue and cry about the issues of Net Neutrality in India, you are already late. In less than a month, you will wake up to a shock and realise all your freedom of the Internet has been curtailed by the Telecom Operators. You will pay more and yet receive service that is shitty. In short, the Telecom Operators will make you see only what they want you to see. All the budding Internet startups will die out eventually and the already rich Telecom Operators will make more money. Here is a video by AIB which explains to you all that you need to know about Net Neutrality, in their inimitable style. Watch the video and then log into this amazing website which very easily allows you to send in your protest response to TRAI. Net Neutrality in India is essential for India’s growth. Make your voice count. NOW!


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