All You Need To Know About The Paris Bombings in 2 Minutes!


It is just a year since the Terrorists stormed Charlie Hebdo’s Office and they have struck again. France has closed its borders and claimed a state of national Emergency. A more widespread attack this time, it has claimed 140 Lives and Injured uncountable hearts. The Paris Bombings prove the loss of humanity and the birth of inhuman Souls!

The Sites :

  • Stade de France – With France and Germany playing football, there were explosions nearby
  • Le Carillon – A gun Attack on a Bar
  • Le Petit Cambodge-  A gun Attack on a restaurant
  • Le Belle Equipe – A gun Attack
  • Le Casa Nostra- A restaurant with casualties by a gun Attack

Why someone would plot to kill innocents on the name of religion or revenge is undeniably unforgivable. We stand with the victims and their losses that life would never fulfill.

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