Another shocking Delhi Rape and no one cares


Another shocking Delhi Rape. Yet another set of police investigations, FIRs, public outrage and then lull. Everything just goes quiet after a few days. That’s the circle we have become used to. Delhi shows once again, how it is so unsafe for women, no matter how much the authorities try or the people raise a voice against these. It all becomes quiet after a few days and then again the atrocities start. The circle of Delhi as it seems.

A 25-year-old woman was raped by a radio cab driver in north Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla late on Friday night. The woman, who works for a finance company in Gurgaon, boarded an Uber cab at 9.30pm from south Delhi’s Vasant Vihar, where she had gone for a party with friends. She was raped at an isolated place between Sarai Rohilla and Inderlok, police said, adding the cabbie threatened to kill and sexually assault her with a rod if she resisted him. He dropped her home after the attack. The cabbie then audaciously even gave her a missed call from his mobile phone.

The Cab Company, Uber Cabs say they are helping the cops investigate. But the question is, how a company that proclaim safety as their USP has such an incident. The cab company released a statement late Saturday night, confirming that the driver in question had been suspended. “We became aware of the incident this morning. Safety is Uber’s highest priority and we are working with the police as they investigate, and will assist them in any way we can,” the release said. Is that the only thing they can do? What about the woman raped and threatened to be sexually assaulted with a rod? They make large marketing gimmicks about how safe their cabs are. Is this the example of safety? The lady should sue the company and make them pay for such a gross negligence. Not that it would undo the horror she went through, or the PTSD she most probably will suffer from, but it will send out a message to all the money minded service providers out there with their marketing gimmicks.

The other question is, Are then women not safe anyway in Delhi? Buses, autos, taxis, private cabs, nothing seems to be able to provide her the assurance of safety. What has befallen the men of Delhi? It is a shame on the whole of the country. Why can’t the men of Delhi leave the women alone? This again happens at a time when Delhi is under a high-security alert following threats of a sensational terror attack by Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba. A high security alert and yet it fails to protect our women. Are these security alerts just to protect the politicians and their families? When will we get a safe Delhi?

Featured image source: indiatoday

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