Athangudi – the hidden talent of Tile Making in India


Athangudi is not what you may have heard very often. Kajaria on the other hand is what every urban Indian knows. TadTooNew Brings to you the brilliance of tile making in India to have you amazed. Originating from a village called Athangudi in Chetinadu, Tamil Nadu, this tile making not only develops an attraction to the art but is sheer craftsmanship and persistence.

We bring to you the art explained simple in the video below and promote the hidden crafts of India that have not been able to see the light of the flashy markets and branded showrooms.

You will be awestruck with the sheer practice of the craftsmen, that makes you wonder, how without the use of heavy machinery and without causing and damage to the environment, beauty can be so well crafted! Take a look and tell us how many days would you take to master this?

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