Avoid These Haunted Places If You Can’t Dare! Check If Your City Is On The List!

Haunted Places

If you think that watching Conjuring was the test of wits, you have to read through this list. Spooky and Real, these Haunted Places and sightings have been confirmed by not one but many people. So check this out and tell us would You Dare? To be here?

7. D’ Souza Chawl, Mumbai, Mahim

A woman is spotted lurking around the well screaming for help. That is how she died! This is the scariest place in Mumbai!

Haunted places
The chawl
6. GP Block, Meerut, UP

Hauntings, sightings and high level of Paranormal activity. The first regular sighting is of four blood drenched men enjoying their drinks and the less often sighting is that of the little girl coming out in red blood soaked dress. It gives jitters to cross this lane during the daylight, Forget the nights!

Haunted places
5. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Now this beach has weird sands and has been used as a burial ground for Hindus. Black sand have a deadly combination with mystical activities. There have been various unexplained occurrences along the sea and also whispers that can be distinctly hears. In fact there is a line sketched on the beach that you SHOULD not cross!

Haunted Places
Dumas Gujarat
4. Delhi Cantonment – Delhi

A hitchhiker once got killed in this area by a speeding car and the body remained unclaimed. It is this lady that roams the streets at night asking lonely passengers for a lift and if you do not give one, she runs with you at the pace of the car!

Haunted Places
Delhi Cantt
3. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Sleeping peacefully at night, the sheets were pulled out and stayed put like that for the entire night. This is just one occurrence along with marks and scratches on the mirrors that are left in the middle of the night. This place has a very high frequency of paranormal activity.

Haunted Places
Raj Kiran hotel
2. Vrinadavan Society, Pune

A man once committed a suicide in this society in depression and pain. Since then, this place has become infamous. Once the spirit hit a Security guard who was sleeping. The slap was so hard that it jolsted him in pain and he hit the other security guard thinking it was his colleague who hit him!

haunted Places
vrindavan Society
1.Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

There have been murders here. Then the Boys school corridors are a witness to footsteps in the eerie nights that are clearly heard. The biggest sighting was that of a headless boys who roams in the nearby woods. That should be your next adventure trip!

Haunted Places
Dow Hill

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