Be Beach Ready!

Beach Ready
Get Beach Ready

With summer vacations approaching, nothing tempts us more than the azure sea and the opaque blue sky with fluffy clouds. After convincing your parents or your friends for that holiday at the beach you have been waiting for ever since March hit the calendar, the most difficult puzzle is yet to be solved! What to put in that beach bag? Get beach ready with our tips!



Beach Ready
Take care of your skin while you rustle the sands on the Beach

 As fun as beaches can get, removing the tan at the end of the day is equally punishable. You are going to be in the beach for the entire day and you just cannot afford to miss out on this. Invest in a good sunscreen with SPF 40 and above. Also, be sure to apply it all over your body (and not just the face) before you step into the sand.

Beach ready
Look stylish and beat the sun!

 We are sure you love your eyes and it is very important to protect those pretty ones from the harmful UV rays. Pair a cool aviatar or a trendy cat-eye with your swimsuit to turns heads and rock the beach!

Beach Ready
Trendy and comfort- the Swim Suits

You’re going to a beach and how can you not carry a swim wear? You are not going to succeed in your plan to not take a bath in the sea, it’s too tempting babe! Invest in a bikini if you want to make a bold statement or you can always opt for a one-piece swim suit if you don’t believe in much of skin show and yet want to look sexy, however, always opt for something that you are comfortable in.



Beach Ready
Sway with the winds!

When holidaying at a beach, you have no track of time and a day at the beach quickly turns into a beach party in the night. Be sure to carry a pretty cover up or a beach dress. It can be short and shimmering, long and chic, backless, halter, beady or anything that’s stylish and comforting!



Beach Ready
Selfie Queens – Pout and click !

All the selfie queens out there, are you not going to pout with the shades on? Skip the lipstick and keep your pucker hydrated and pink with a butter based lip balm. If possible, try a balm with SPF and avoid petroleum jelly as it has a tendency to darken your lips when exposed to sun.

Beach Ready
Flip flop in the sands!

Those pedicured feet deserve showing off right? Colourful flip flops not only save your feet from the hot sand but also makes you look trendy.

beach ready
Wipe it off !

Another must have in the list! After a swim you would want to get the sand off your face and hands but it is almost impossible with a dry towel. Instead, opt for wet wipes or wet tissues and avoid unwanted scratch marks on your face.

beach ready
Carry in style !

Where were you planning to carry all this? A nice beachy tote bag will not only come handy when you want to dump stuff at the beach but is also very stylish and spacious. Tote bags are available in various colours, shapes, prints and sizes. Be playful while selecting one for the beach.

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